Certainty of a lasting relationship

ETERE is a software of Etere S.r.l., a group of young people who develop ETERE and supply support to its users since 1989.
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- Fabio Gattari Director

Vice President

- Margaryta Mitsney Vice President
- Laura Prisco Vice President Broadcast

Sales & Marketing

- Daniele Apolloni RIA Sales
- Carlo Cominassi Business Development
- Emanuele Porfiri Americas & Middle East Sales
- Marco Taddei Europe Sales

Product Management

- Maurizio Ruggeri Support Team
- Suhaizad Samsudin Quality Management
- Rachel Yang Website and documentation

Research & Development

- Emanuele Belfiore Software Developer
- Michele Damen Damico Software Developer
- Mirco Feliziani Software Developer
- Massimo Giuliani Software Developer
- Carlo Pagliei Software Developer
- Enrico Pistacchi Software Developer
- Roberto Rotili Software Developer
- Franco Zega Software Developer

Customer Service

- Michele Balestrini Support Team
- Federico Bindelli Support Team
- Giacomo Bocchini Support Team
- Christian Castellani Support Team
- Luca Crucianelli Support Team
- Antonio De Vito Support Team
- Fabrizio Falaschi Support Team
- Paolo Domenico Prosperi Support Team
- Domenico Stefani Support Team
- Vittorio Trubbiani Support Team
- Stefano Vinciarelli Support Team