New Price List available

New Price List available

21 January 2015

Starting from 1.1.2015, ETERE Pte Ltd uses a new price list to calculate quotes and orders.

Dear Distributor,

We would like to inform you that starting from 1.1.2015, ETERE Pte Ltd will use a new price list to calculate quotes and orders.

Product prices will remain unchanged, with the only notable difference that the official currency for customers outside the EURO region will now be USD, thus implying new quotes to be made in USD if you are not in European area. It's worth mentioning that existing quotes can be processed in the original currency only if they do not need any changes to be made.

As usual, the tool that enables you to create your quotes is available for download on our website in your Reserved Area, namely under your "Distributors files".

We would like to take the opportunity to invite you to visit and access up-to-date information on Etere solutions including Top Stories, Brochures, Upcoming Events, and —under your Reserved Area a set of confidential documents that you will find useful for the creation of complete and accurate quotes for our customers.

Any suggestion from you to improve the website and quotation tool will be appreciated. For any questions, please contact us:

Best regards

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