Etere Multichannel Recorder

Etere Multichannel Recorder

19 April 2002

Acquiring program by any support with the Multichannel Recorder.

ETERE Multichannel Recorder makes simpler acquiring your programs by any support. The program is perfectly integrated with ETERE Automation: they work together through a simple user interface.

Video asset can be acquired by any support: video tapes, low-resolution video, video recorded on a videoserver, satellites.

Regarding the acquisition of satellite programs, Multichannel Control:
- acquires automatically the video asset
- controls efficiently satellite dishes
- tunes in an unlimited number of receivers
- records clips directly from ETERE Automation.

ETERE Multichannel Recorder allows planning work at your station for entire weeks; it works inside the Automation system and the Traffic system can actually plan the acquisition of programs before its time.

With Multichannel Recorder you will know in advance which device is in use and which can be used without any problems. You will constantly have the status of all devices in the chain and you will be noticed about their status. In case you verify a problem you will have enough time to act before it really happens, because of the Multichannel fast notifications.

In case you station is a multichannel it is possible to use contemporarily as much as Multichannel Recorders you want. It is an extra program of ETERE Automation, and you can also make it work separately if you still do not have an automation system.

In both cases ETERE Multichannel Recorder eliminates any error and acquiring and managing programs are simplified. Besides, it manages your resources and gives a maximum value to your automation system. With it you can finally perform long term recordings.