Etere for TWC and CMC

Etere for TWC and CMC

20 March 2008

XYZnetworks is the provider of 10 leading subscription television channels in Australia, including The Weather Channel and Country Music Channel (CMC) and they are broadcasted by Etere. provides ten of the leading subscription television channels in Australia. TWC (The Weather Channel) and CMC (Country Music Channel) are two of the aforementioned channels and, most importantly, they are the ones broadcasted by Etere.

XYZnetworks provides ten of the leading subscription television channels in Australia as well as owning and operating seven of them. TWC (The Weather Channel) and CMC (Country Music Channel) are two of the aforementioned channels and, most importantly, they are the ones broadcasted by ETERE. Clearly, it is not by chance that XYZnetworks chose ETERE to put to air CMC and here is why:

CMC Country Music Channel joins ETERE
Let me ask you a question assuming you are in Australia on business, on holiday, etc. and you really want to listen to a country music – what do you select when you switch on your TV?
CMC would certainly be your choice as it is the only option you would have and so you can imagine a huge amount of people watch CMC in Australia.
Add this audience pressure to the equally huge amount of video clips and content broadcast and you have just found the reason why ETERE is the ideal solution to manage the CMC scheduling including Deko (character, logo and crawl generator), video servers, master controls and switchers. In order to meet the special requirements of CMC, ETERE has combined the high performance of its ETERE Automation System (Master and Clone) with an Import Custom tailored to CMC’s needs. On top of controlling all the devices of this particular TV station, ETERE Automation System also manages 2 NEXIO which share the same storage. Another feature specific to CMC is ‘Next Event Runtime Info’. It is part of STMan, the ETERE application used for the management of all secondary events and was created to allow XYZ to take part in the CG process.
In this particular case, STMan uses a TCP/IP connection to send all the information originally acquired from the Import Custom back to the XYZ System.

Are you wondering what is ‘Import’ and, also, why it has been customised?
Import is a software application that allows you to import the schedule of one day (or more than one) from the DB; its customized version has been developed to let XYZ manually build, personalize and edit graphics/texts for Playout.
In fact, thanks to the External ID assigned to each schedule by Import Custom, XYZ System (mentioned above) receives the playlist from an XML files and matches graphics, logo, texts, and subtitles with the main events according to its operators’ creativity.
ETERE Import Custom for CMC represents “Automating the import process without losing the valuable aid of human creativity”.
About Etere
Etere is an international leader in the media market. Etere develops and distributes a wide range of high technology software for broadcasting and media businesses. With more than 19 years of experience, Etere provides powerful, flexible, cost-effective, high-performance, end-to-end media solutions.
Etere is the only company worldwide that can offer you a solution to all your media needs in one single package. It is a 100% software solution that works on standard IT hardware. A common framework where there is real-time sharing of all the data among several applications to manage all media business requirements: automation, recording, archiving, scheduling, traffic, air-time sales, indexing and media asset management. Its easy-to-use workflow is able to coordinate all these areas with an unbeatable performance. Etere guarantees the best after-sales support service on the market with engineers ready to give professional assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service includes voice, email, Vpn and VoiP with unlimited calls and connection time, and a pro-active system to help diagnose problems before they appear. Etere: reliable software for a consistent system. ###
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