Etere Intelligent Time Delay

Etere Intelligent Time Delay

31 December 2015

The attachment features the full details on Etere Intellgent Time Delay for Imparja.

Imparja is a private and fully commercial television company registered in the Australian Northern Territory, it is the unique station in the world totally owned and controlled by Northern Territory and South Australian Aboriginal shareholders with no-profit motivations, where all profits are inverted back into the development of the company.
Imparja sends on air its entire programming through two networks, a Main and a Split network; the Split network has the same schedule structure than the Main one but it delivers different contents with a time delay that depends on the Daylight-Saving Time.
Requested Features
Imparja’s Engineering Staff has requested the capability to manage both Main and Split networks under a single environment with further support for simultaneous broadcasting of live events on both networks.
In these terms, Etere has determined that the solution for Imparja must accomplish the following
key points:
■ Imparja needs to broadcast similar content on two different zones
■ Content is mainly the same but with different commercials and promo
■ Sometime there are also different programs
■ From October to April both zones have the same offset, the rest of the time it is shifted by
30 minutes

Proposed Solution
Since Imparja’s workflow is managed by a distributed Etere system that integrates into a single broadcasting solution a comprehensive set of modules specifically oriented to cover each complex phase of its broadcasting system, it is possible for Etere to make all modules involved in the split process (i.e.: automation, scheduling, traffic and split) to work synchronously avoiding any possible fault or incongruence between networks, thus ensuring an efficient overall system management.
Initially, the use of two different channels seems to be the best solution, but it needs:
■ Two MC operators
■ Plan and schedule two times

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