Etere Redundancy Switch - OLD

Etere Redundancy Switch - OLD

01 September 2009

Etere Redundancy Switch is a device used to carry out simultaneous switching of main/backup equipment, whether controlled via GPI or via Serial connection.

Etere Redundancy Switch does not make any noise or modify the signal to be switched and the switching is relay controlled. Lines are independent from one another and the protocol of each serial line can differ from the others.

The device is bi-directional based on relay switching - data is sent from 1 to 2 and from 2 to 1.
The switching can be manual from the front panel or remote controlled by GPI from Etere Automation.
Serial line can handle any software or hardware protocol. One ET0558 is required for each playout channel. All connections are F type (female), the common input/output (DATA) can be switched to the inputs/outputs Line A/Line B
- The 3 connectors to switch the GPI channel are DB37F
- The 3 connectors (per channel) to switch the serial channels are DB9F
- Connections are pin to pin for each line. - The connector for remote control is a DB9F

- No. of outputs on Db9 8
- No. of outputs on DB37 1
- No. of switching modes 4
- Switching current 300mA max
- Switching voltage 50Vcc/Vca max
- Optical information Output channel
- Control connector Db9
- Temperature field from + 5 to + 45° C
- Relative humidity < 90 % non condensing
- AC supply 220 V 47-63 Hz
- AC consumption < 90 VA
- Sizes rack standard 19" 2 U
- Mm. 88 (H)x 483 (W)x 280 (D)
- Weight 1,5 kg

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