EA1316 Etere Compliant with Media Grid

EA1316 Etere Compliant with Media Grid

07 November 2018

Etere releases Mediagrid set of drivers, and continues to increase its compatibility list for a seamless flexibility. With Etere, you will get the best optimization.

The Italian company is never satisfied of its product and always looks to improve it. Etere does not fear the comparison with others and this time went to Media Grid to look for compliance.

In Taipei from 2 to 11 February Etere checked live the Media Grid support, via FTP and NTFS
Media Grid is used from Etere as:
• Disk library
• Videoserver extension
• Tape library cache
• Etere Transcoder archive

During the tests all those functions were checked in different scenarios and in any case all tests conducted gave a positive outcome.

The Media Grid archive was used from Etere traditional interface and Etere web interface. Also Media Grid was interfaced as second level cache with a Sony Petasite with LTO tape drives.

Also Etere checked the Unicode support of Media Grid archives.

Following the equipment of the test environment:
- Xdcam Sd deck ( used for Ftp ingest and Dubbing)
- Omneon spectrum
- Media grid main
- Media grid backup ( to test a disaster recovery site)
- Sony petasite with Lto drives ( as deep archive)

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