24 November 2016

Etere incorporates the quality assurance, technological advances and reliability of Sony's Optical Disc Archive Products in its tapeless workflow solutions such as MAM and HSM.

Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) simplifies the process of content management by streamlining the digital workflow, bringing media to the market faster and in multiple formats, ensuring an exceptional and frame accurate content.

Tight integration with the Sony Optical Disc Archive platform expands the range of storage technologies supported by Etere solutions and enables Etere's customers full flexibility to leverage on Sony's capabilities.

In addition, Etere solutions provide a broad range of support for third party products. Etere aims to promote collaborative workflows and to empower its users with its interoperability and scalability for any environment.
Sony's Optical Disc Archive system is positioned as a tapeless high capacity digital archive system suitable for both nearline and deep archive applications. Additionally, the technology is well-suited for a wide range of storage applications that include sports production, editorial, mezzanine level video and digital media preservation. Sony Optical Disc Archives offer many advantages such as up to 50+ years of archival life, Phase-Change Technology which results in outstanding long-term storage performance.