VTV Project: Integrated Digital Archive

VTV Project: Integrated Digital Archive

08 July 2016

VTV has a large library of old tapes, which it wishes to digitise and store in a digital archive system for future retrieval either just for viewing, for repeat transmission, or editing.

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VTV, Vietnam Television, the national broadcaster of Vietnam is the only nation-wide TV in Vietnam. It was formed on September 7th, Vietnam Television became an official name on April 30th 1987 and since then it’s also become the national television. VTV is a leading news and mass communication organization; it plays an active role in the nation’s ideological and cultural forefront by disseminating information to the general public across the country & overseas Vietnamese, providing scientific & educational programming and entertainment to audience groups. VTV has an own film production company that makes made-for-television movies and miniseries, that is, almost the 30% of the entire VTV entertainment programming. Over the last decade, VTV has developed diversified services from television broadcasting to other fields such as film making, pay-TV, Internet and printed publication; resulting into a continuously-increasing amount of media content (mostly physical) and therefore in the need of implementing an archive system able to digitally store all these content as digital files as well as allowing a future system expansion. At present, Etere has a strong relationship with VTV, based on years of management of the VTV’s nine channels playout by using an Etere system, a choice that has permitted VTV to achieve an operative efficiency while meeting audience’s quality expectations.
Etere will design an integrated archive and distribution system which combines powerful servers with an easy to use browser interface. VTV will be provided with a digital archive that combines rock-solid reliability and high availability with increased bandwidth and storage, allowing VTV operators to easily search, preview and retrieve any media they want from the digital archive whilst remaining at their desks.
This paper illustrates how Etere is aware how VTV’s media archive are important , that’s the reason why we offer not only a world-acknowledged system but a hard-earned expertise on the implementation and maintenance of digital archives able to bring access to any file, at anytime and most important, with a the maximum of speed, characteristics that will ensure the improvement of each single VTV’s broadcasting area with a wide set of cutting edge applications that goes from an accurate contents management to an automatic delivery of contents.
VTV Requirements

VTV’s primary need consist in digitizing its large tape library to subsequently store them in a digital archive system able to initially hold 15,000 hours of media, this system will must provide future retrieval either just for viewing, for repeat transmission, or editing.

VTV’s technology department has summarized the characteristics that the solution must include in the following key points:
■ Capability for a large number of users (operators, producers, etc) to access archived high resolution content including their low resolution copies
■ Capability of restoring/enhancing poor-quality media before storing it in the archive
■ Combination of high storage capacity with video formats versatility to deliver content to the various VCTV playout channels
■ Ability to communicate with Avid NLE systems for allowing producers to retrieve media for editing without having to restore to video tape first
■ Support for archiving media coming from satellite feeds or live sources
■ Possibility of archiving media at different resolutions to improve their re-transmission and editing
■ A workflow that permits operators to decide which media will be archived and which not, as well as monitoring workflow operations in real-time
■ Added assets value due to the generation of frame-accurate metadata
■ Complete integration with all media equipment for ingest, preview, storage and playout, and with other internal and external systems under a digital environment

Overall Proposed Solution

Etere will provide VTV with an “Integrated Digital Archive System” to store and transparently manage its archive material over the long term in a tape robotic system. Etere will also allow VTV’s editors to access the digital archive directly and efficiently within their digital production environment over the intranet.
Etere aims to be the core of VTV’s facility as a total system integrator that ensures the reliability of the global project. An Etere-based digital archive system is able to interface existing sub-systems and encompass future expansions while maintaining the consistent set of characteristics that makes of it the right solution for an enterprise management of digital content under a file-based workflow environment, VTV will be mainly provided with the following key features:
■ A patented distributed architecture to avoid any single point of failure
■ Reliable control at high-performances of the equipment integrated within the global system
■ Enterprise management and transport of media between the storage system and the production environments
■ Best flexibility on digitizing media content from multiple sources,
■ Robust media management including high resolution files, browse copies and metadata
■ Seamless integration with existing and co-existing systems
■ Quality management to ensure the safety of archived assets over short and long terms
■ Intelligent and customized workflow management
■ Safe and fully-tracked access to the content archive
■ Transparent media transferring as a part segment or as a whole, in the correct format into the intended target system
■ Capability of NLE stations for uploading/downloading contents
■ Fast and efficient transferring connection between internal –and external- systems

Furthermore, the implementation of an Etere system will provide external agencies and internet editors to access valuable material with the highest standards of security. An important aspect of the selected Etere solution is functionalities which support the preservation and high-availability of media content archived and catalogued by the Etere system.
By implementing an Etere solution, VTV will acquire a total integrator able to interface and make work together under a seamless distributed framework the following systems:
■ 2 ingest servers
■ 5 HSM managers interfacing 1 tape library
■ 2 low-res encoding stations
■ 2 hi-res playout transcode stations
■ 25 browsing stations
■ 1 replicated content storage system
■ 25 web browse stations for NLE systems
■ 1 playout system