Etere at NAB Show 2020

Etere at NAB Show 2020

16 October 2019

Learn about the Etere Ecosystem, a fully software based, modular, and scalable end-to-end media and IT workflow solution. Contact us and book a live demo with us today! Find us at the NDI Pavilion Pod 11!

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Etere will present the latest technology and solutions in the Etere Ecosystem solution. Etere solutions are designed to be future-ready and reliable. Its unique architecture is fully scalable, flexible and efficient. It is capable of managing the end-to-end broadcasting and media workflows of companies, fulfilling even the most demanding tasks. Etere Ecosystem solutions include Media Asset Management, Nunzio Newsroom, Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM), Playout Automation, Censorship, Channel in the Cloud, Airsales, Broadcast Management System (BMS) and Dynamic Ad Insertion. Etere Full IP with ETX-M IP Multiviewer empowers users to leverage the benefits of IP without any traditional SDI hardware, cables or other accessories. It features full support for the use of virtual machines and cloud. It is also integrated with Etere ETX-M IP Multiviewer, a software that allows users to manage and adjust up to 9 monitors and 30 sources simultaneously.

Media Asset Management
Etere solutions go beyond the traditional Media Asset Management (MAM) design, with a revolutionary integrated framework that empower media enterprises with complete and accurate control of the entire business workflow. Etere MAM manages media assets from a centralized database backed by an inter-connected workflow system. With Etere MAM, broadcasters are able to optimize the value of their media assets, bring media to the market faster, improve cost efficiency and adapt quickly to market demands. Etere MAM taps on the benefits of the Etere Ecosystem which enables high connectivity and integration across a multimedia company as well as the integration of both internal and external management information across the entire enterprise.

Etere Master Control
The Etere Master Control is a fully automated playout, intricately integrated with all your studio modules. With Etere Master Control, you need only one server to playout, switch, fade dissolve, insert logo and control all the CG functions.

Nunzio Newsroom
Streamline your news workflow process with the powerful Nunzio Newsroom solution. Etere Nunzio Newsroom Management Software supports critical operations with its suite of automated solutions that encourages collaboration across departments, optimizes the value of your media assets, improves workflow efficiency and manages an end-to-end process seamlessly. Scalable and even accessible on mobile, the Nunzio Newsroom creates a integrated and useful hub of information that a fast paced and on-the-move news agency needs.

Etere Airsales
Optimise your sales and monetise your assets with Etere Airsales. Connected with the latest in IP technology, Etere Airsales helps you with managing your full range of airsales, from broadcast planning, programming, broadcast traffic sales, playlist scheduling, and accounting. The reliable software streamlines content delivery, increases operational efficiency and lowers the cost of ownership.

Etere Agenda
Etere Agenda is a fully virtualised centralised job repository with all the task management features that you need including preview of tasks, approvals, asset management, subtitling and ingest. Manage your various processes and keep on top of your work with the useful Microsoft Outlook integration. Useful and efficient, Etere Agenda is an essential software to help in your daily activity.
Schedule an appointment with the Etere team at NAB Show 2020 for live demonstrations and in-depth product consultations to learn more about the Etere Ecosystem's modular, scalable, fully tapeless and workflow-based solutions. Etere Ecosystem solutions are capable of managing the end to end media lifecycle including: Media Asset Management, Newsroom, Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM), Automation, Censorship, Airsales and Broadcast Management System (BMS), Ad Insertion, Closed Captions and Subtitle-Insertion.

To schedule an appointment with Etere at NAB Show 2020, please send us an email at:

Visit us at NAB Show 2020!
Date: April 18th to 22th 2020
Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center
Booth: NDI Pavilion Pod 11

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