19 June 2020

In the fast evolving and globalizing media market, an effective and reliable VOD solution can help you to optimise resources and plan scheduling strategies that work best for your business. Etere VOD scheduling helps you to maximise returns for your investments and get more done for less.

Etere BMS streamlines your business processes and integrates tasks and functions across different departments. From a single interface, you can manage the end-to-end media lifecycle including purchase orders, contracts, inventory, reruns, series, movies, rights management, finance, multi-channel management, promo management, easy program scheduling, adjustments, VOD calendar, revenue reports and scheduling rules. It automates the information exchange across channels and enables you to gain real-time access to inventory information. Etere BMS breaks down barriers and connects it all.

Plan your VOD schedules and optimise your content lifecycle across VOD channels
Etere streamlines the multi-platform delivery of assets through different orders. Plan your VOD calendar in advance to ensure maximised returns. From Etere Broadcast Management System (BMS) interface, you can schedule your content automatically on the VOD platform of your choice according to the licensing rights, scheduling rules and restrictions of the content. Alternatively, you may also publish the content manually with rights verification checks in place. Etere BMS ensures fast and accurate scheduling and adjustments to single movies and multiple TV series. In addition, the VOD calendar management allows you to plan your schedule in advance to optimise resources and manimise revenue.

Web management across multiple devices
Etere integrated Video-On-Demand (VOD) management on Etereweb enables you to organise, manage and deliver your non-linear content from the web. It supports multiple devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. With a secured login on EtereWeb, you can manage your VOD contracts, content delivery and licenses in real-time and from wherever you are. Etere supports a wide variety of VOD delivery platforms including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu Plus and more. Etere Video On Demand management is designed to empower you with an all-in-one integrated and flexible VOD planning module. The VOD management feature provides a direct integration with your media library, broadcast management system, media asset management and scheduling systems. In addition, from the same interface, you can manage the licensee, contract expiry and payment management of your non-linear content.

VOD storage management
Etere’s integrative database ensures that all information are saved and shared in real-time across systems. It provides a centralised monitoring and management of all system processes. Additionally, Etere also supports cloud storage solutions and content delivery networks.

VOD revenue reports
Generate VOD revenue reports to gain insights on how to enhance your VOD content delivery to maximise revenue and get the best returns on your investments. With the business intelligence data, you are able to know if you had reached the targets of your promotion campaigns. With Etere BMS data analytics, you will have the data to reach your campaign targets faster and more effectively.

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