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Certainty of a lasting relationship

Founded in 1987, the Etere team represents a group of passionate professionals with a unique cross section of broadcast & IT experiences.
Etere is headquartered in Singapore, with a support centre in Italy.


- Fabio Gattari Director fabio.gattari@etere.com

Vice President

- Margaryta Mitsney Vice President margaryta.mitsney@etere.com
- Laura Prisco Support Team Coordinator laura.prisco@etere.com

Sales & Marketing

- Carlo Cominassi Business Development carlo.cominassi@etere.com
- Emanuele Porfiri Americas & Middle East Sales emanuele.porfiri@etere.com
- Marco Taddei Europe Sales marco.taddei@etere.com

Product Management

- Thomas Ong Documentation Thomas.Ong@etere.com
- Maurizio Ruggeri Support Team maurizio.ruggeri@etere.com
- Suhaizad Samsudin Quality Management suhaizad.samsudin@etere.com
- Rachel Yang Website and documentation rachel.Yang@etere.com

Research & Development

- Emanuele Belfiore Software Developer emanuele.belfiore@etere.com
- Michele Damen Damico Software Developer michele.damendamico@etere.com
- Mirco Feliziani Software Developer mirco.feliziani@etere.com
- Massimo Giuliani Software Developer massimo.giuliani@etere.com
- Carlo Pagliei Software Developer carlo.pagliei@etere.com
- Enrico Pistacchi Software Developer enrico.pistacchi@etere.com
- Roberto Rotili Software Developer roberto.rotili@etere.com
- Luca Salvatori Software Developer Luca.Salvatori@etere.com
- Michael Vasquez Software Developer michael.vasquezotazu@etere.com
- Franco Zega Software Developer franco.zega@etere.com

Customer Service

- Daniele Apolloni Support Team daniele.apolloni@etere.com
- Michele Balestrini Support Team michele.balestrini@etere.com
- Federico Bindelli Support Team federico.bindelli@etere.com
- Giacomo Bocchini Support Team giacomo.bocchini@etere.com
- Christian Castellani Support Team christian.castellani@etere.com
- Luca Crucianelli Support Team luca.crucianelli@etere.com
- Antonio De Vito Support Team antonio.devito@etere.com
- Fabrizio Falaschi Support Team fabrizio.falaschi@etere.com
- Paolo Domenico Prosperi Support Team paolo.domenicoprosperi@etere.com
- Domenico Stefani Support Team domenico.stefani@etere.com
- Vittorio Trubbiani Support Team vittorio.trubbiani@etere.com
- Stefano Vinciarelli Support Team stefano.vinciarelli@etere.com