| Case Studies
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    Caracol TV: A Full Enterprise Media Asset Management System

    This paper is aimed to describe how the solution proposed by ETERE is able to fulfill all the specifications required by Caracol TV, providing detailed information on every module forming part of the overall solution.

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    VTV: Shopping Cart, A web-based and workflow-driven censorship system

    This paper is aimed to describe the solution proposed by Etere to implement a web-based, secure and simple interface to automate the request, evaluation and preparation of files intended to be downloaded from the VTV Archive, just by following the overall steps below.

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    RRSAT: A Cloud-based and Workflow-driven solution for a smooth management of shared media

    This paper is aimed to provide a detailed specification on the key Etere features that will enable RRSAT to smoothly manage its internal shared content from end-to-end, from the initial creation of placeholders to final delivery of content. The use of workflow-based technology will permit RRSAT to significantly improve its international content supply chain.