| Case Studies
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    VTVCab: An Enterprise Archiving System Based on MERP Technology

    This paper is aimed to describe how the solution proposed by ETERE is able to fulfill all the specifications required by VTVCab, making a special focus on the Etere’s MERP technology.

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    Viacom Singapore: A guide to the Etere-based Media Management System

    This paper is aimed to provide VIACOM departments with the guidelines required to start using the new media management workflow and all the features seamlessly integrated on it, thus permitting them to leverage the improvements performed on the overall management by including key operations such as task assignments, operations tracking, email notifications, automatic transfers, accurate conversions.

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    MediaCorp: An End-to-End File Based HD Workflow 2.0

    Etere’s proposed solution aims to implement an “Integrated end-to-end file-based HD workflow”, this solution will be based in the distributed architecture of Etere, a key characteristic that will permit not only to tightly integrate the hardware current available in the station but also to support future devices integration.