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    Etere Media Library: The Best Secure Solution for your Media

    Etere provides stations with the ability to receive and deliver media content in a secure manner, thus ensuring the security of the storage repository on which the company’s media content is stored.

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    GoodTV Project: A Total Media Management System

    Etere will implement a “Total Media Management” solution able to store and transparently manage the facilities’ archive material over the long term in a tape robotic system. Etere’s solution consist of a system intended to be the core of the central archive, providing media archive management and delivery services to the global system including instant access and delivery of media files; all this media management is cemented on a file-based workflow framework featuring a wide range of function-specific workflows for ingest, production and playout with additional integration capabilities.

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    Tapeless Reception: An Extension For Automated Transfers

    Etere Tapeless Reception takes full advantage of a tapeless environment to eliminate the need of creating physical copies, entrusting valuable material to private couriers, risking of excessive waiting times; thus by enabling contents to be sent digitally (i.e. without using magnetic tapes) via internet, bringing a shorter delivery time than this required by a common consignment of magnetic tapes.