Etere introduces ADVANCED QC for file-based workflows

Etere introduces ADVANCED QC for file-based workflows

11 December 2013

The ultimate solution for a fully automated content analysis and verification. Fully experience the benefits of a broad range of controls, custom detection levels, and detailed quality reports!

ETERE, the worldwide leader in software solutions for broadcast and media companies, today announced a new Quality Control (QC) solution for file-based workflows, a fully automatic content analysis and verification system able to meet all QC needs required in production, post-production, broadcast and distribution environments. In these days, where file-based video is the common standard for media workflows and content is being more and more ingested from different sources, encoded at different bitrates and formatted in different standards, the ability to perform automated file-based QC becomes crucial to detect several different issues that may affect the compliance of your content. Choose Etere Advanced QC and forget about manual controls!

Etere Advanced QC takes advantage of the Etere MERP framework to make a file-based quality control available at any stage of the asset management process (capture, encoding, editing, transcoding, archiving, playout, repurpose and retrieval); ensuring the quality, compliance and playability of your media content thanks to the ability of adding further supervision tasks to your QC workflow (e.g. in case of negative results). Etere Advanced QC provides a myriad of controls for Video (luminance, chrominance, black and freeze frames, encoding errors, frame rate, AFD, etc.), Audio (peak and minimum levels, loss, clipping, silence, loudness and level correction, etc.), Metadata (closed captions, teletext, DVB subtitles, etc.), Timecode (continuity, integrity, synchronization, comparison, etc.) and PSE (Photosensitive Epilepsy). Etere Advanced QC supports all industry's standard audio/video formats including IMX 30/40/50, XDCAM HD/EX, DV, DVCPRO 25/50/100/HD, AVI, WMV, DNxHD, Apple ProRes 422/444, H264/H2.263 and much more. Etere Advanced QC will ensure an advanced level of quality control for your media, giving you all the advantages of a reliable automated system powered with the following features:
 ■ Cost-effective, software-only and scalable QC solution
 ■ Streamlined automated workflow control
 ■ Simultaneous multi-file processing
 ■ User definable quality levels and test templates
 ■ Configurable by the number of channels required
 ■ Logs and reports on all testing and results
 ■ Photo Sensitive Epilepsy (PSE)
 ■ Direct quality control and reception of results
 ■ Web-based user control for local and remote sites

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