EA1278 Etere Memory Backup TV One Channel Bundled with Etere MAM

08 March 2024

Etere Memory Backup TV One Channel offers a fault-resilient performance with a single license. The license EA1278 is bundled with Etere MAM.

Etere Memory Backup TV One Channel Bundled with Etere MAM is a professional compliance logger software for broadcasters and media companies. Etere users can record transmitted video and audio in a low-resolution format. In media productions, a reliable and flexible backup system is essential. Etere Memory Backup enables main and backup signal recordings for a fully redundant and fault-tolerant system.

As part of the Etere Ecosystem, Etere Memory is database-independent. Additionally, it ensures identical file copies are stored across disk, tape, or cloud storage, with the option for off-site storage to facilitate disaster recovery if required.

Etere Memory is a complete software solution that effectively manages the recording, creating, editing clips, adding metadata, transcoding, and distributing content across various platforms such as VOD, OTT, and social media. This user-friendly software is cost-effective and compatible with any Windows computer. It enables seamless recording and viewing of clips simultaneously, with minimal delay of just a few seconds, to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.

Etere Memory Key Features
■ Fully redundant system
■ HTML5 player for web/desktop browsing and H265 (MPEG-4) compatibility
■ Compliance logger that complies with all the TV regulatory requirements
■ Manage content streaming remotely
■ Supports clipping for OTT, VOD and social media
■ HTTP, UDP, RTSP & RTMP streaming to Wowza Media Server
■ Supports analogue and digital video capture boards
■ Data protection and advanced redundancy to record files on remote servers
■ Unlimited and simultaneous clients/recordings, multiple viewings and editing
■ Embedded time codes on recorded videos
■ Automatic detection and SNMP notifications for black and freezed video issues
■ Metadata marking to identify and search key video parts
■ Audience data insertion into logged video files and competitors' record checks
■ Supports insertion of logos and timecodes, supports annotation on video
■ Includes Etere HSM archiving at no additional costs
■ Integration with loudness check and preview with Etere Audience

Etere Media Asset Management
Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) is a fully scalable solution that offers complete, flexible, modular, and easy management of your digital assets. It's more than just a digital content management system; it's a highly effective solution designed to streamline every aspect of ingest, indexing, storage, and retrieval of digital assets. Engineered as an end-to-end software solution, MAM optimizes the value of your assets through centralized management of digital content and associated metadata. MAM simplifies content management by streamlining digital workflows, enabling quicker market delivery in multiple formats, and ensuring exceptional, frame-accurate content. Orchestrating workflows effectively, MAM simplifies complex tasks throughout the entire media lifecycle.