ETERE Launches a Modern and More Functional Media Player

20 August 2014

The new, robust and fast player offers all features required for a smooth and professional browsing experience and Full Resolution Quality Preview.

Etere is proud to announce the ultimate enhancement on its media capabilities, a player specifically designed to satisfy all current and forthcoming browsing challenges faced in broadcast, production and content distribution. With the launch of this product, ETERE ambitiously aims to provide a definitive browsing solution based on cutting edge technology and feedbacks from customers around the world.

Etere Player brings simultaneous and secure access to files from any MERP solution including Scheduling, Subtitling, Air Sales, Nunzio, etc. A robust playback set composed by standard MAM functions will make users feel more confident about their daily browsing.

Get a seamless browsing experience and unleash your media playback:
    ■ Bullet-proof decoding of HiRes and LoRes
    ■ Frame-accurate jog & shuttle
    ■ Multi-language closed-captions and audio-tracks
    ■ Embedded tracks and external audio files
    ■ Built-in audio level (RMS)
    ■ On-screen data (timecode, properties, etc)
    ■ Extensive encoding information display
    ■ Multi-standard timecode (PAL, NTSC, HD50p, etc)
    ■ Native support for major formats and improved for MXF and LXF
    ■ Contour Shuttle devices support
    ■ Full resolution preview on dual monitors

Etere Player is based on a new set of filters that ensures playback support for all major industry standard containers and compression formats including:
    ■ Container formats: MOV, MP4, MPEG-PS/TS, ASF, WMV, MXF, LXF, etc.
    ■ Video codecs: H264, AVC-Intra, MPEG-2&4, DNxHD, ProRes 422, etc.
    ■ Audio codecs: PCM, AAC, MP2, MP3, WMA, FLAC, etc.

The full integration of the new player across all ETERE MERP Cloud solutions is a major characteristic that ensures a continuous browsing availability for any content stored around the cloud, through a reliable and fast interface. The Etere Player will accompany users along all stages of the broadcast process, giving them high confidence during ingest and transmission as well as preparation and editing.