TV2 Hungary TV Station On-Air with Etere

24 June 2002

Hungarian TV station, TV2 has selected Etere to power up its automation system and to improve operational efficiency.

TV2 Budapest, the Hungary satellite TV station , adopted the system of full caching technology, and that for a system entirely based on the video server.

Etere Automation supplies an integrated automation system able to share information with all the TV infrastructures and the best protection for data and the On-air. To avoid all problems in case of a malfunction, the system is completely redounded with Etere Clone: two automation controllers which transmit two identical copies of the play-list, synchronized in frame, without needing an operator.

Etere controls:
- 2 Omneon video servers (one as Main and one as backup device)
- 6 VTRs (Beta) dedicated to the manual filing/ingestion
- 1 master control (GVG M2100)
- 1 logo generator (Miles M41)
- 1 character generator

All devices are commanded through the RS 422 interface.

Etere manages the scheduling (with the instant editor, useful to modify the schedule even a few seconds before going On-air). Recordings, statistics, commercial management and prints of as run logs, other prints and reports, have all entrust on the capability and security which can be offered only by Etere. There is also Etere Media Manager that moves clips from the video server main to the backup.

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