Etere for GAY TV

Etere for GAY TV

24 January 2001

GAY Tv, the first satellite channel created for European gay, lesbian and other viewers has chosen Etere as top choice to power up its broadcast system.

The first satellite channel created for European gay, lesbian and other viewers is finally ON, by sending out its first signal on HOT BIRD 13°E – 12.149 MHz – Symbol rate 27.500.
A network schedule which, thanks to many advises received on site, represents in the best way the varicolored world of national and international homosexuality, with a wide offer regarding the genre: last cinematic works, from entertainment to music, fashion etc.

There is NO pornography, even in the late hours. The Gay Universe with its stories, its characters and its lifestyle is going to be the core target of the GAY TV schedule.

The satellite TV station adopted the system of full caching technology, and that for a system entirely based on the videoserver. The full caching offers several advantages: extreme flexibility, quality, liability, the commercial programming doesn’t have to be planned in advance and there can be modifications in any moment directly on schedule not depending on their format.

Creating events is easy and automatic, and with no need of the operator. Recordings, statistics, commercial management and prints of as run logs, other prints and reports, have all been entrusted on the capability and security which can be offered only by ETERE. To obtain the best protection for data and the On-air, to avoid all problems in case of a malfunction, the system was completely redounded with ETERE Clone: two automation controllers which transmit two identical copies of the play-list, synchronized in frame, without needing an operator.

A modification effected on the main server is automatically sent to the backup server and is immediately applied.
On every frame, the ETERE Clone controls if the Main automation is still working. In case it reveals a problem, the Clone takes over the control upon devices and continues the broadcasting. The transparent commutation guarantees that not a single event can be lost because of the inconvenient. Even before the operator became aware of the damage, the Clone has already taken control over the situation.
ETERE drives a SeaChange videoserver, 2 Sony Betacam VTRs used for the filing (that is, to record some clips from the tape inside the videoserver), a Sigma router for the audio/video commutation, an Evertz logo generator and a Deko 100 titler. All devices are commanded through the RS 422 interface.

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