Etere 18.2

19 March 2008

ETERE software: a benchmark in archiving for the media and broadcasting market.

Etere is a client oriented company, offering solutions that help the client to enhance efficiency and productivity.

The software is continuously improved by adding new functions and features.

The version of Etere 18.2 has been released with an innovative and important function - the capability to store all system data forever.

Etere 18.2 allows you to define 2 databases that can be hosts in different systems able to manage running and historical data.

A smart archive function allows you to move data (according to user defined parameters) between the 2 databases.

Logically the 2 databases are a single entity. Search retrieve and reports can be performed on both, in the same user interface with the same commands.

The function is a new system to archive and search every type of data related to an asset. It is a complete way to archive because it is possible to choose and select how to archive the data.

Etere users can use this function for the creation of huge archives, even in the managing of big systems.

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