24 November 2016

An all-inclusive software solution for Data Storage, Retrieval and Editing.

Etere Logger is the Data Storage, Retrieval and Editing System for the effective management of large amounts of audio-video contents. Etere Logger uses Etere Proxy Browsing as a core task to view and record high and low resolution events contemporaneously. The low resolution is used to easily link, with frame precision, the high-resolution EDL to be aired.

Etere Proxy Browsing can be used on any XP Microsoft OS. The carefully studied interface usability makes it easy to store and retrieve audio/video materials. The storing and retrieval System is quick and reliable as it is empowered by the Etere log experience in SQL database management.

Etere Logger can give access to several different users. Operators can generate an unlimited number of EDL at the same time. The scene metadata are made of texts based on either authors personal opinions or on keywords. Keywords drastically reduces logging errors as they are coherent, quick and easy-to-use and can be loaded automatically from the event beginning. Each frame can contain an unlimited number of keywords; obviously the more words used the faster and more accurate the database research will be. Administrators, using shortcut keys, can properly define the initial database parameters (i.e.: competitors; typical locations, common behaviors, etc).

After logging, whole video contents must be stored. A special folder receives the asset list, automatically producing the clip to broadcast. Selected clips to run will be stored according to the operator's choices, while clips that are considered useless will be deleted. Standard queries provide a wide range of database outputs. Moreover, a Query Manager allows operators to customize queries even if they don't have specific database expertise. As a consequence, video searches and selections become simple and coherent. Etere Logger is based on a purely relational database empowered by research parameters never imagined before.

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