Etere Video Library system for the Rome Film Festival

Etere Video Library system for the Rome Film Festival

08 January 2008

Etere hits the mark with two video library systems, Etere’s advanced technology behind the Rome FilmFest 2007 stage.

Etere has granted its technical support and experience at the backstage of this main event of international importance and has conceived a high performance software solution.

Etere has set up a video library for this event, the solution was based on two different video library systems set up in two different locations plus a registration workstation allowing users to preview some of the films of the Rome Festival.

High performance Etere Transcoder system was used to record and convert all the high-volume video material for the web delivery. Metadata was stored in the Etere MAM database while the presentation interface used Etere Web.

The structure was composed of 18 PCs connected to two distinct servers in Rome where operators have been able to view the films located in the video library and have access to the related data (such as info on cast, director, synopsis).

Etere technology leaves nothing to chance providing its customer with an exact statistical analysis and the complete control of schedule workflow. The three locations have been connected through a VPN line to allow realtime data sharing for both registration and statistics.

Etere is based on a relational database empowered by research properties never imagined before. Researches of clips are carried out in order to provide immediate references while retrieving the actual digital information only on demand.

“Etere set up a video library for Rai Trade at Roma FilmFest that has been a great success.” comments Andrea Portante, Rai Trade Marketing Manager. “The location of two video library systems have enabled a rich offer of titles and a greater efficiency in consultancy. We want to thank Etere for the high professional contribution and the great support.”

“Thanks to Etere’s unique cooperation, support and professionalism, this year The Business Street video library has become digital.” adds Diamara Parodi Delfino, Rome Cinema Foundation, The Business Street Manager. “ The Business Street section’s dedicated to the international operators of the cinema industry at RomeFilmFest. With Etere we have been able to offer the best possible service to the FilmFest participants.”