Etere Media Ingest

05 October 2009

A centralized solution for carrying out manual, scheduled or automatic recordings through a user-friendly interface

Etere Ingest is a versatile and modular software which significantly improves the process of ingesting media contents, this module is composed by various applications carefully developed to be perfectly integrated such in a way that an all-embracing solution is provided, capable to record from the major media feeds (e.g.: VTR, XDCAM, Videos Servers, NLE systems, etc), and store recorded media in specific storage locations defined via workflow, thus giving a unique mark of quality, consistence and reliability to asset’s contents.

Etere Ingest not only allows stations to “manually” record media, but also permits to perform “scheduled ingest” which allows to capture media contents automatically within a date range with the further possibility of specifying the exact days and hours on which this action will be performed, this module also allows setting a GPI device that will send a signal for start/end the ingestion. The incorporation of a “live ingest” function allows among other things to schedule the ingestion of an asset that has to be broadcasted whilst is being recorded, Live assets can be customized by defining secondary events such as ‘auto-recording’ or ‘time-delays’ on their inside.

A wide range of function-specific applications are provided in order to carry out specific ingest operations and improve the overall system with the following features:
■ Suitable workflows to manage other digital operations such as migration and transcoding of files
■ Intelligent user-defined rules to ensure that automated tasks are correctly performed
■ Ability to associate metadata and indicate the quality of the recording
■ Automatic transcode of media into the required format, thus reducing the probability of errors
■ A proxy version of ingested media is automatically generated
■ Support of two recording profiles, main and backup, to be switched in case of failure

Etere Ingest, jointly to the rest of modules which constitutes the Etere package, empowers the entire content management process, and due to the distributed architecture of Etere, it permits to build a system able to meet specific requirements and to encompass future implementations.

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