Broadcast Programming

Broadcast Programming

13 October 2009

A complete set of tools to streamline the daily, weekly and long-term draw-up of schedules

Since programming of contents is a key component in broadcasting, Etere has grouped the most effective methods to plan and schedule all kind of events, taking into account important points such as audience analysis and competitors tracking, such in a way that you will be able to build your programming based on the most effective and innovative strategies.

Etere Scheduling is an application with versatile capabilities to manage the presentation of your contents, allowing to manage up to 12 alternative schedules for each channel. One of the main characteristics of Etere Scheduling is its ability to design, construct and maintain customizable schedules while controlling essential aspects such as rights of contents and commercial rules.
Etere Scheduling, as all Etere modules, combines planning, programming and rights management under a workflow approach, providing in this way an all-embracing solution able to manage all the types of contents used across the station, that is, programmes, series, commercials, promotions and interstitials with unbeatable frame accuracy.

An user-friendly interface is always needed to complement a brilliant engine, that’s why the graphical user interface of Etere Scheduling supports the most useful drawing-up techniques such as drag & drop, docking items, etc, to simplify the work of operators on the creation of structures and insertion of contents, drastically reducing in this way the margin of error during the process.

Etere Schedule has been always characterized as a robust solution greatly composed by various function-specific modules that will be surely appreciated by your programming department, following, the most relevant features provided by Etere Scheduling will be listed:

■ Import / Export your daily schedules in more than 24 fully customizable formats,
■ Full editing capability to amend all your imported schedules,
■ Perform last minute changes to your schedules safely in real time,
■ Support of multi user/channel operations so specific tasks are carried out by specific departments,
■ Over than 100 different scheduling Reports functionally classified in 14 categories,
■ Etere Cartwall allows you to broadcast a playlist with just one click and switch between events via simple keystrokes,
■ Draw out easily entire weekly/monthly schedules, due to the events copy-and-paste function between days,
■ True High and Low resolution previews of scheduled contents, including their subtitles and secondary events, with jog/shuttle capabilities,
■ Create, modify and consult all the assets you intend to broadcast into a very fast and reliable SQL database,
■ Define all the episodes of a series automatically just by entering the most relevant Series data,
■ Keep track of all the your asset process with a custom statistics module,
■ Maintain all the data regarding customers and suppliers together and ready to be used from any application,
■ Tight integration with all other Etere modules such as Etere Automation and Etere Web, to implement a multi-level scheduling and remote management respectively,
■ Rights Management integration to handle the financial information of assets, and provide a full economic exploitation of them.

Moreover, Etere knows that nowadays the success of a broadcaster depends on its capability to manage multiple channels across different networks; it is response to this issue that Etere support the management of automatically synchronized main and split automations, being the latter a simplified automation engine for split channels that gives the ability to control multiple channels. Any scheduled event can be either manually or automatically split in networks and its contents scheduled differently, allowing, additionally the use of an unlimited number of user-defined fillers to handle spare space.

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