Etere for XYZ Australia

Etere for XYZ Australia

06 August 2008

It is not by chance that XYZnetworks chose ETERE

XYZ networks provides ten of the leading subscription television channels in Australia as well as owning and operating seven of them.

TWC (The Weather Channel) and CMC (Country Music Channel) are two of the aforementioned channels and, most importantly, they are the ones broadcasted by ETERE.
Clearly, it is not by chance that XYZ networks chose ETERE to put to air TWC and here is why:

TWC The Weather Channel joins ETERE

TWT, as well as CMC, is configured with the ETERE Automation System managing 2 NEXIO which share the same storage. The Australian 24 hour cable and satellite channel that broadcasts weather news and information has chosen the ETERE Traffic Light for its program scheduling. This choice is predominantly due to the need for up-to-the-minute reports live throughout the day and therefore for commercials events in between.
ETERE Traffic Light’s main characteristics are versatility and speed: exactly what a schedule loaded with live events needs. For this particular channel, ETERE Traffic Light streamlines the scheduling process avoiding its previous strategic editing. In fact, by choosing ETERE Traffic Light there is no need to produce any scheduling structure in advance.
ETERE Traffic Light for TWC represents: “Make the scheduling process simple”.

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