EA6768 Vantage Integration

EA6768 Vantage Integration

29 December 2015

Etere provides the capability of creating custom "Vantage integration" actions to request (via workflow) the execution of file transcoding based on Vantage workflows for media files stored on Etere metadevices.

Scalability and automation
Vantage is a software solution for automatic workflow-based video transcoding. Vantage transcoding workflow makes content production, multi-screen delivery, and device interoperability a completely automated process. Vantage brings transcoding, media capture, metadata processing, and analysis features in a flexible and scalable system which delivers reliable and effective results.

License compatibility
Vantage requires EA6768 license which supports the capability to request the automated execution of transcoding workflows for media files stored on Etere metadevices.

About Etere
Etere was established in 1987 it is amongst the worldwide leaders in Media Asset Management (MAM) and channel-in-a-box software solutions. Etere Media Enterprise Resource Planning (MERP) framework of scalable solutions are used by media enterprises across the end-to-end workflow. Etere MERP modular software including MAM, Airsales, Ad Insertion, Playout Automation, Broadcast Management System, HSM Archive, Newsroom Computer System (NRCS), Broadcast Management System, Broadcast video over IP, Censorship, Closed Captioning and Subtitle Management are built with an innovative architecture, offering the best flexibility and reliability in the market. Etere headquarters is in Singapore and it provides a worldwide 24/7 support.