Top Reasons Why Etere is the Preferred Choice

Top Reasons Why Etere is the Preferred Choice

13 January 2016

Etere offers an edge over the rest. The benefits of Etere solutions has made it a top choice for broadcasters from all around the world since 1987.

Everybody wants to rule the world. However, Etere does it with a commitment to our mark of quality, consistency and reliability. Etere offers many unique advantages and here are some reasons why Etere is still the PREFERRED choice since 1987:

■ Since 1987, backed by more than 3 decades of success and innovation
■ Award-winning company backed by industry recognitions
■ Consistent leadership and vision since 1987
■ The only company to offer an end-to-end workflow solution for any broadcast and media company
■ Etere's team of engineers represents a unique cross section of broadcast and IT experiences
■ Amongst the worldwide leaders with expansive distribution networks in Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and South America
■ Headquarters in Singapore and with a dedicated development centre in Italy
■ Dedicated testers on-site to ensure Etere's mark of quality, consistency and reliability

■ 24 hours support
■ Unlimited support calls
■ Unlimited VPN connections
■ Free updates
■ Free upgrades
■ Etereweb allows multiple users to log in and check incident status from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection
■ Unique identification number attached to each incident for easy reference

■ Based on Microsoft SQL2016 technology
■ Supports Windows Servers 2012/2016
■ Fully scalable
■ Hardware independent
■ Free support of clustering
■ Free support of high availability

■ Integrated MAM system able to index files as traditional videotapes in the same system
■ Support flexible metadata structure
■ Support of SMPTE Dictionary
■ Custom set of metadata for each asset
■ Unicode

Workflow based
■ Customizable workflow by the user
■ Unlimited number of workflow licenses
■ Workflow rights for each user
■ Centralized console monitoring
■ Clustered actors

■ Full text search with logical operators
■ Proximity search
■ Synonymous search
■ Customizable synonymous dictionary
■ Search within attached PDF documents

■ Free unlimited clustered transcoding engines
■ Free player for any resolution up to 4K
■ Integrated video file analysis

■ Integrated multi-resolution browsing
■ Proxy safe for upload, download and browsing
■ Easy to use Win32 interface
■ Web-based interface for an easy installation
■ Unlimited users web interface
■ Availability of different languages for the GUI

■ Multiple data pumps enabled
■ Fully redundant
■ Automatic video refresh and check
■ Able to join multiple libraries in a single logical entity
■ Each drive configurable as read/write according to specific timeslots
■ Include migration procedure to future media
■ Online and offline tape management

■ 3 video panels in one interface: Video IN, Video OUT, Video Preview
■ Main/backup (one client can connect to 2 servers)
■ Local clip management or MAM connection
■ Log for all users' actions
■ One single timeline where users can control the delay (videos not broadcasted yet) and check/save the past (video that is already broadcasted)

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