ETERE Workflow Connects with Baton

ETERE Workflow Connects with Baton

18 February 2016

Etere workflow is now fully compatible with INTERRA Baton, ensuring a seamless and integrated performance from a single GUI.

Etere continues to enhance its capabilities and efficiency by the extension and integration of its existing workflow with other systems. Now it provides to all of the users the possibility to include in Etere workflow the Baton quality check test for the media files stored into Etere metadevices.

This task can be executed by the integration with the automated file based QC software that is a product by Interra system.
In a file based workflow system, the digital media needs to be verified as quality control, in order to be successfully transferred, archived or playout. Etere Data Mover integrates with Baton to simplify and streamline this process, thanks to Etere versatiles workflow and of its easy-to-use GUI that are ables to overlap Baton for a more significant user experience. The Data Mover module is the application specific for the management of the transfer of video files from one level to another, entirely based on workflow rules that enables the system to know what material is needed, where and when is required.
The enormous flexibility and efficiency of the processes are guaranteed by the elimination of the
unnecessary Bandwith usage and of drop folders, because the Baton integration tests the quality of the content without moving the file.
Etere gathers automatically all the QC results into a PDF/XML report linked to the verified media into the system database. There is also a manual option that intervenes if the media file is not classified as positive and it will be part of Etere Agenda. In this last case worksheet's of Etere.
Agenda tasks can be included in quality control workflows to manually perform further supervision, especially in case of negative outcome.

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