Etere at BES EXPO 2005

04 January 2005

ETERE will take part, for the first time, at BES Expo in New Delhi on 17-19th February 2005 (Taj Palace Hotel).

It’s the most important broadcast exhibitions in India and this is the eleventh edition. ETERE will show the software at the stand A-4 in Mumtaz Hall.
Since 15 years ETERE Automation provides the most powerful, flexible, cost-effective, high performance, end-to-end broadcast solutions.
Now, ETERE is very popular in the broadcast market. There are a lot of TV systems where is installed ETERE, not only for the playout, but also for the scheduling, traffic, media management, etc. ETERE innovative workflow allows you to increase productivity and quality while cutting costs.
ETERE has a huge vantage, that is to offer a complete solution at 100% and constantly work with their partners to offer to the world’s broadcast market a highly technologic solution but also cheap, with more features than the concurrence has.
ETERE Automation proposed, on that occasion, a solution made and developed particularly for the Asian market: the possibility to compile the schedule in all ‘Double Byte’ languages (Hindi, Chinese, Thai, Korean, etc.).

Only ETERE offers the opportunity to have automation software in any language you want. To compile a schedule and to search a clip on database is simple, fast and without errors.

On your request, you could have ETERE in all languages supported by the Windows, practically all-existing languages! Now any title, code, user note, etc, can be written into ETERE, without ny limitation on characters of any language. Naturally, it will be possible to see the famous ETERE Automation.
It’s practically the most powerful, the most scalar and the most liable automation system among all systems offered on market. It handles all aspects of TV Automation: recording, compiling and publishing schedules, and archiving the actual On-air broadcasting.
ETERE Automation is what it takes for your TV automation. It controls all those devices which are normally used in any station: videoservers, audio/video routers, master control/mixer video, logo generators, titlers, cart machines for automatic caching, VTRs and all necessary things for your TV.
Its flexibility and modularity is adequate for stations of any size or type: national, regional, local, general, specialized, single or multi channel.
The Italian product, after being exhibited for already 4 years at BroadcastAsia in Singapore, at Inter BEE in Tokyo and after several installations in Philippines, Thailand and in India, is a highly quoted automation software in the broadcasting area, not only European but Asiatic as well.