Etere was at NATEXPO 2008

08 January 2009

Etere participated for the third year at the successful NATEXPO 2008.

Keen to discover what new trends and developments are taking place in the Russian media and communications market, Etere participated for the third year running at the hugely successful NATEXPO 2008.

The conference and congress which took place from the 18-21 November provided the perfect gateway to understanding the markets’ needs and laid the foundation for new business strategies.

Etere’s main focus at the conference was to showcase its consistent and fully comprehensive software solutions including introducing the following functions:

- HSM: the Etere auto archive function that automatically stores the selected video used for transmission onto an XDCAM disk.
- Etere MAM: with the XDCAM digital structure that allows file to be more accurately stored and catalogued and for efficient, speedier retrieval. MAM also now includes a federate search that allows multiple data sources access with a single query string located within a single interface.
- Etere MEMORY: the bookmark. This function allows you to point to an image in a file and to catalogue it (adding timecode details and comments) further facilitating search & retrieval.
- Etere Traffic & BMS: to do list management reducing the margin of error and greatly increasing schedule planning efficiency.
- Etere Asset Management: the virtual asset. The purpose of this function is mainly to allow you to create credits and title replacements for movies or to resegment TV series to vary episode length.

The positive response received by Etere at NATEXPO 2008 promises to open the door to new and exciting opportunities.

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