Etere's New Matrox Driver at NATEXPO

18 November 2009

Etere will be demonstrating at the upcoming edition of NAT EXPO its recently launched driver for Matrox video cards, Etere MTX.

ETERE announces its participation at the 2009 edition of NAT EXPO, from 17th to 20th November will count with demonstrations of its newest product: Etere MTX, the most advanced, tightly integrated and cost-efficient playout system on the market, completely based on latest Matrox DSX video cards technology.

Etere MTX, which due to the distributed architecture of Etere is able to be perfectly integrated with the rest of modules that compose the comprehensive range of Etere's solutions, offers broadcasters not only the possibility of streamline their Automation process, but their overall workflow including Ingest, Migration, Archiving, Media Asset Management, Scheduling, Traffic Management, Workflow management, and Web Interface Management.

The demonstration will include a speech regarding how nowadays, lots of broadcasters are incrementally including Matrox video playout and video technologies on their own systems, but they are using them either without really suitable software or with software that costs more than its functional worth. Etere as usual, has paid attention to these critical needs, and has developed a software solution that is at the same time efficient, reliable and coherent in terms of price, counting among its most relevant features that make of it a competitive solution, with the following ones:
- All compression schemas and wrappers are supported, including for example MPG2, DV,DVCpro, AVI, MXF and QT,
- Etere MTX includes a graphics engine which allows overlaying fixed Logos and Crawls,
- Etere MTX fully supports the configuration of Matrox cards,
- Etere MTX, unlike other solutions, is offered as low-price software that includes free upgrades and updates as all Etere products,
- The rendering engine of Matrox cards can be controlled in real-time by Etere MTX, beingeven capable to produce statics or dynamic graphic overlays,
- Etere MTX is able to work on a dedicated computer so it will exploit the whole potential of Matrox video cards, forming at the same time an important part of a distributed Etere system.

Etere invite NAT EXPO visitors to its booth #A52, hosted by SVGA, located in the brand new pavilion All-Russian exhibition centre "VVC, at Moscow, where Etere will be demonstrating all its capabilities and latest enhancements on Tapeless Reception, Etere Workflow, and Media Assets Management.