Etere Confirms its Presence at NABshow 2010

07 April 2010

For a 10th consecutive year Etere will be Protagonist in the World’s Largest Media Show, demonstrating its Media Management Capabilities and Latest Enhancements.

ETERE announces that will be present at Las Vegas, Nevada, from 12th to 15th April to exhibit its wide range of innovative broadcasting software solutions at the 2010 edition of NAB Show, the major event on the digital media industry, attended by leading media, entertainment and communications professionals who share a passion for the next generation of video and audio content across multiple broadcasting platforms. To find out more about Etere’s exhibition, please visit our booth located C9725, at the Hall C4, in the Italian Pavilion of Las Vegas Convention Centre. Etere will be showcasing the flexibility of its recent and re-designed products and functions to fitful all broadcasters needs with a distributed, perfectly integrated, cost efficient, and SQL based system, that makes possible to share with enhanced reliability all resources such as devices, video files, metadata, etc, between all departments involved in the broadcast chain under a single and unique environment. During the exhibition, Etere will give special focus to the following solutions:

Driver for Matrox Video Cards
Etere MTX is the new driver developed by Etere to allow the incorporation of the ultimate Matrox video cards into Etere-based systems without using middleware, and achieve tightest integration on both ingest and playout, all at lower costs and with an outstanding performance. This innovative product allows combining Etere's capabilities with the latest Matrox video technology, providing direct capturing in HD/SD over analogue inputs, supporting all compression schemas and including a graphics engine to easily overlay fixed logos, titles and crawls. Media Assets Management
Etere MAM is the highly effective digital content management solution, it has been specifically designed to streamline the process of ingest, indexing, storage, archive and retrieval of digital assets. It is a centralized solution for handling digital content and its associated metadata; its effective implementation both increases operational efficiency and maximizes the return on investment of digital media. The core of Etere’s Media Asset Management are the so-called Asset Forms, which centralize the management of assets by grouping into a single resource all main asset related data such as video references, metadata and rights information, technical data, secondary events, linked workflows, and detailed operations logs, allowing in this way to the various Etere modules to have a share-point on which asset’s data can be managed, permitting the entire system to reach a high level of integration, reliability and functionality. Commercial Sales & Rights Management
Etere Airsales is a module dedicated to the commissioning and planning of broadcast commercial activity, this versatile and efficient tool ensures that your commercial orders will be generated and managed professionally and efficiently, maximizing in this way the air time planning productivity, and streamlining the overall commercial management. This module allows agents to elaborate sales proposals for advertising space, managers to either approve or reject them, operators to perform their schedule with frame-accuracy, and accountants to carry out the most common invoicing operations. Etere BMS is a invaluable tool specifically oriented to the management of licensing rights, it provides full monitoring of rights status of individual and associated assets, giving you total control over the rights management process through the definition of licensing contracts referred to specific assets such in a way that they will be treated differently from normal assets, that is, taking account of its contractual limitations.
Long-Term Archiving
Etere HSM is the cost-effective solution to radically streamline the management of expensive tape libraries; allowing stations to optimize the migration of contents including high and low versions as well as associated metadata. Etere HSM improves the management of libraries by controlling their mechanical movements through the HSM Robotics Control and HSM Data Pump applications, which are able to run several data pumps on different machines to boost their throughput, while offering access to real-time logs, reports and statistics.
Tapeless Workflow Media Management
Etere Workflow goes beyond the “less-tape” approach by providing broadcasters with a really “tape-less” solution, this by offering the possibility of introducing a digital-based workflow concept into the core of their broadcasting system to integrate and take full advantage of all digital technology present across the system. Etere Workflow is based on the concept that “the biggest value of a broadcaster is its workflow”, that is because everything is managed to be captured, produced, elaborated and sent on-air, under a complete digital environment that covers data files from their recording until their broadcasting. Additionally, Etere Tapeless Reception keeps stations communicated with external agencies by allowing authenticated access to digitally deliver restricted video and metadata, avoiding loss ofquality and content.
TV Automation
Etere Automation combines the versatility of using the same database of the Etere Media Asset Management to integrate all the activities in a single environment, and the reliability of using an independent database for the final playout, adding in this way a decisive strong point of reliability to the overall system. An easy to use subtitles manager is provided, allowing broadcasters to either create or import subtitles with frame-accuracy, enhanced preview capabilities, and allowing its further integration with the overall system workflow, including the management of secondary events.