Etere at IBC 2005

13 July 2005

ETERE will show Tape Archive Manager, FTP transfer from VTR and MOS Gateway (stand 8.275)

Since 16 years ETERE Automation provides the most powerful, flexible, cost-effective, high-performance, end-to-end broadcast solutions. A shared framework to manage all the television business: automation, recording, archiving, scheduling, air-time sales, indexing and media asset management. ETERE is the only company worldwide able to offer you a single solution in a single package. At IBC 2005, besides its already famous automation software, ETERE is showing all its software solutions, and also the new features:

ETERE Tape Archive Manager
This software complete the ETERE range of products for the broadcast market. It's an integrated archive manager with superior performances due not to the top architecture but from the intelligence. It follows all the operator choices and is able to prefetch every request.

For example:
- in the news, if the operator starts to browse something the tape is prepared before he chooses the video, and so all the video in the same range are prepared, this give to the system the ability to anticipate the operator needs. - in the transmission, it's connected to the strategic scheduling and it's able to select all the requests weeks before.
FTP transfer from VTR
Now SDI is not the only way to move video, FTP is arriving and ETERE is ready to use in a very simple way. The drivers includes E-VTR and XDCam.

This new version support MOS 2.8 and integrated a complete search and browsing system.