MEDIASET Upgrades to Etere MTX

MEDIASET Upgrades to Etere MTX

01 April 2011

Mediaset & Etere for the second time together: the Italian broadcaster upgrades its Etere playout system with another Etere IT based media management and playout solution

Mediaset has upgraded its existing Etere system with an Etere IT based playout provided with MTX technology which has been integrated with the overall solution workflow to manage six Mediaset channels. Etere’s integrated end-to-end workflow solution: playout, content management, playlist management, quality check. Etere will provide Mediaset a single-vendor software solution that integrates the IT based playout, content gathering and distribution.
Mediaset S.p.A. is a communication and broadcasting company engaged in the production and sale of television programs, as well as in the sale of advertising spaces in Italy. Etere manages for Mediaset, its three main television channels (i.e.: Canale 5, Italia 1, and Rete4) which provide films, TV series, soap operas, cartoons, mini series and TV movies, producing the 90% of the group revenue.
The scheduling system for schedule management, quality control and backup copies is managed by Etere, which generates low resolution video to provide scheduling operators with the possibility of browsing content from their ordinary PCs.
Mediaset uses an innovative cost effective and IT based solution to combine Etere integration with the ultimate Matrox video technology, this is Etere MTX, the solution used to increase the affordability of the system, to allow video on air in every state. Etere MTX is the most advanced, tightly integrated and cost-efficient video management system on the market, completely based on latest Matrox technology, it combines the professional video technology of Matrox with the reliability and efficiency of Etere.
Mediaset cannot afford to lose a single shot!
Let’s see the reference numbers in economic terms: this playout system broadcasts about 1000 events daily for each single channel, with a planned value of about 2,400 millions of euro per year, which are equivalent to 200 millions of euro per month, to reach about 7 millions of euro each day, and 300,000 euro each hour. These are significant and big numbers that absolutely needs to be supported by the best and safer technologies available on the market: Etere. Etere takes care of Mediaset’s broadcast since nine years, producing an amazing increase of reliability and permitting to reduce the percentage of errors in the playout system by the 80% since Etere started. In this new hardware setup, Etere also manages a completely unattended Disaster Recovery system, located in a different building at about 5 km from the main one. Etere Disaster Recovery is the module in charge of continuously creating replicas of the main system for disaster recovery purposes, being capable of maintaining the two building transmission sites aligned, so in case of failure the transmission can be easily switched to be performed by the second site.
Etere Media Management provides the connection with the Mediaset’s main archive, where all ingested and checked media is stored to be subsequently retrieved when requested for the on-air playlists. This process is automatically managed using Etere F90, the module that synchronizes playlists and metadata with the 4 in house scheduling systems that produce the basic playlist schema. Broadcast playlists are combined and fine tuned in Etere Scheduling using Executive Editor.
Etere manages efficiently both, old and new broadcasting equipment present in the station, thus permitting Mediaset to achieve a high flexibility level in scaling system components:

New devices:
2 master control 3G Evertz with onboard logo generator
8 Layers and DVE
4 Video servers
2 DDN storage
2 Etere MTX server for Video assist
1 Classx titler
3 Evertz video routers
3 Video servers with integrated graphics located in Segrate for disaster recovery

Old Devices:
2 SeaChange 7 nodes cluster
1 SeaChange 3 nodes cluster
3 SeaChange BMS single node
2 Leitch video routers
4 Sony Flexycart
4 Miranda press master
4 Miranda IS 750
4 Write Deko
35 VTR

Etere: A consistent system!!

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