Etere interface for Blackmagic Routers

Etere interface for Blackmagic Routers

21 April 2011

Blackmagic is the latest in the series of audio/video routing switchers controlled by Etere using the IP protocol

Blackmagic routers can be controlled now via IP using Etere, those routers provide a variable number of inputs/outputs and an additional level for an output video monitor and a serial port.

An IP-based device management is more flexible and saver since it requires less cabling and fewer devices. Etere’s Blackmagic IP-based driver is included in the latest Etere release.
Blackmagic routers can be combined using the virtual router technology of ETERE, so multiple routers can be easy connected to create router of the necessary I/O configuration. Etere can also control 2 independend routers for a complete redundant environment.

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