02 September 2016

Etere overcomes unprecedented challenges in post-production such as media and metadata management, as well as seamless third-party integrations that combine cost-effectiveness with high reliability.

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Etere's Media Asset Management for graphics solutions empowers broadcasters to manage in real-time, the end-to-end process of preview, invoicing, approval and scheduling. With its seamless integrations, Etere solutions improves efficiency, streamlines operations, connects resources across the entire workflow and results in an overall reduction in manual operations.

Etere MAM
Etere MAM is a highly-effective digital content management solution that is designed specifically to streamline the process of ingesting, indexing, storage and retrieval of digital assets. Etere MAM is an end-to-end software solution created to fully optimize the value of your assets through a centralized management of digital content and associated metadata. Its effective implementation both increases operational efficiency and maximizes the return on investment of digital media. Etere MAM simplifies the process of content management by streamlining the digital workflow, bringing media to the market faster and in multiple formats, ensuring an exceptional and frame accurate content.

Etere Post Pro
Streamline your workflow and increase operational efficiency with Etere Post Pro package which is designed as a one-stop solution for all your post-production needs. The power-packed Post Pro package includes some of our top-of-the-line products at a single package price, including Etere HSM, Etere Transcoder, Etere MAM with QC, Etere CAL, Etere Workflow, Etere Resource Management, Etere Tape Loan Management, Etere Ingest, Etere SNMP console, Etere Media Manager, Etere Proxy Browsing, Etere Hires Player and Etere Tapeless Reception.

Nunzio is a highly-flexible and cost-effective solution with fully empowered NRCS capabilities to manage the entire tapeless workflow of a Newsroom environment, starting from the planning of news stories (virtual assets) to the control of on-air playback. Nunzio makes all jobs within a Newsroom easier, helping managers control overall daily operations, guiding journalists to prepare their stories, and enabling editors to quickly edit (e.g. voice-over) and deliver news stories.

Etere ETX-G
ETX-G is a commercial graphics management software that boasts an efficient archive management system for all graphics databases combined with an intuitive user interface that enables SDI-supported, real-time previews, instant addition and deletion of graphics anytime before playout. ETX-G is part of Etere MERP which enables seamless integration with all departments.
ETX-G ‘s seamless integration with Etere Airsales supports the logging of invoices for both automatically and manually triggered graphics. In addition, real-time connectivity with Etere Executive Editor manages your commercial graphics and broadcast schedules, ensuring a smooth transition and playout. Etere's STMan incorporates a graphic controller for automatic playout and comes with the ability to control multiple graphics for a single primary event.

ETX-G's load balancing capabilities distributes tasks across several resources for a fault-tolerant and reliable performance.

Etere QC
Etere QC is an integrated file-based module for performing Quality Control (QC) via a streamlined workflow. It automatically detects and marks audio/video issues (e.g. freeze frames, black frames, scene changes, audio loss) on assets' EDL according to their quality, setting also a default quality rating at the end of the process. Etere QC is able to speed up, automate and streamline the operational efficiency of file-based quality controls performed via workflow across the entire content life cycle.

Etere Advanced QC
Ensure content readiness and get the best returns on your investments only with Etere Advanced QC which boasts speeds of QC tasks that are faster than real time. The powerful software is able to analyse up to 4 files at the same time with the basic licence. Etere Advanced QC is a robust, cloud-ready software that is both cost effective and advanced. The web based video quality check software is built with power-packed features designed to streamline QC analysis configuration and to avoid inaccurate and time consuming checks.

Etere Browsing
Etere Browsing is a must-have and powerful software to enhance the modular world of Etere System. It has been developed to increase the range, functionality and usage of all Etere software modules including Media Asset Management, Etere Executive Editor, Etere Scheduling, Etere Ingest and more. Etere Browsing allows the user to ingest, edit, preview, playout and archive functionality with a productive digital newsroom.

Etere Logger
Etere Logger is the Data Storage, Retrieval and Editing System for the effective management of large amounts of audio-video contents. Etere Logger uses Etere Browsing as a core task to view and record high and low resolution events contemporaneously. The low resolution can be used to easily link the high-resolution EDL to be aired with frame precision.

Etere HSM
Etere HSM is a tool to move and optimize video contents between different media. The data movement policy is applied to get the best compromise between cost and speed. Etere HSM manages all archives in a single integrated environment, supporting a mix of proprietary and/or industry file systems under a unified cockpit that provides all information on archives located on-site and across multiple geographic locations.

Etere Tapeless Reception
Etere Tapeless Reception manages all your digital contents from external sources such as production companies, advertising agencies, etc. Etere Tapeless Reception allows you to implement a web service-based portal framework for remote content reception, where digital files and metadata can be received under a fully monitored system integrated with post-delivery workflows. Etere Tapeless Reception allows the integration of NLE systems (e.g. FCP, Avid, Edius, etc.) and other file-based sources within the station's archive, this web-based solution is cemented on the latest streaming technologies for video distribution.

Etere ETX
Etere ETX is the most advanced, tightly integrated and cost-efficient video management system on the market, completely based on IT technology. It is a complete channel in a box with full IP (in and out) capabilities, enabling you to drive the most popular HD/SD digital video/audio/graphics platforms without using middle-ware or proprietary hardware. ETX is also a fully digital ingest/playout engine that gives you professional video technology with the reliability and efficiency of Etere to ensure support for all major essences and wrappers in the broadcast industry. Etere ETX is able to IP in and out multiple frame, and also supports SDI output, multiple layer of graphics, 3D graphics animation as well as Flash graphics.

The NLE integration for MAM license allows stations to achieve a tight integration with the NLE systems without using insecure 'hot folders' or 'ftp open sites' but including full tracked uploads (i.e. digital receipt of files) and immediate workflow triggering.

Etere F90
Etere F90 is a module that provides a more efficient connection between two different systems and guarantees the maximum accuracy in the information importing and exporting processes, through a fully automated and paperless data flow application. This automated process improves operation efficiency and reduces human errors that could cause the interruption of the work processes. The application is particularly helpful when the periodical export or import of this data becomes a part of a station's natural workflow.

Etere Resource Management
Etere Resources Management is the solution that manages all broadcast related activities. It is powerful and user friendly enough to help media companies to become more efficient and profitable, it also enables new optimized structures to be designed when required.

Etere Tape Loan
Etere Tape Loan is a module that provides a comprehensive and user-friendly management of tape loans including a fast loan and return feature using barcode scanning, an on-air library and loan receipts printouts. Tapes managed by this module are stored in Etere database for reliable management from their initial loan up until their return, allowing operators to create, search, view or modify all tape loans performed by the station.

Etere Web Services
Etere Web Services is the solution to interface Etere with external systems, enabling communication with the different applications in your system. Etere Web Services is based on a SOA open architecture and includes functionality as a suite of interoperable services that can be used within multiple, separate systems from several business domains.

Etere SMNP
Etere SMNP Console is the leading edge technology with a simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface that helps to optimize all the infrastructure performance and availability of a system. The SMNP Console provides a smarter solution since it takes under-control not only Etere solutions but all processes/devices involved in the system.

Etere Ingest
Etere Ingest is a versatile and powerful software to significantly improve the ingest process of any broadcasting and media company. Etere Ingest is able to capture in real-time SD/HD media from virtually any video source, broadcast stream, FTP and IP stream. Etere Ingest is an all-in-one package that enables you to capture media from all common feeds into a cloud storage and apply to it any required workflow, thus giving a unique mark of quality, consistence and reliability to your assets and their contents. Etere Ingest is also multi-channel, multi-formats and multi-resolution recording system.

Etere Loudness Control
Etere Loudness Control provides automatic audio control including loudness using ITU-R BS. 1770/ITU-R BS. 1771 and peak value analysis. Etere is the most versatile instrument for correcting common errors and avoiding fines due to transmission's volume excesses; being also possible thanks to Etere Loudness to perform a preliminary calculation of the output volume through the loudness statistics of a specific television day.

Etere Transcoder
Etere Transcoder is the new encoding solution for file-based workflows, a transcoder able to provide all major format conversions required in production, post-production, broadcast and distribution environments.

Etere Workflow
Etere Workflow is an essential part of the broadcasting process not only because it allows to set broadcasting management rules but principally because it expresses how modules interact to perform the broadcasting process, making easy to the operator the understanding of how the system works. Etere Workflow establishes a simple, fully personalized and reliable way to create or modify distinct broadcasting procedures.

Etere Player
Etere Player is the ultimate enhancement on Etere's media capabilities, it's a media player specifically designed to satisfy all current and forthcoming browsing challenges faced in broadcast, production and content distribution. Etere Player provides a definitive browsing solution offering all the features needed to unleash your media playback capabilities and make your browsing operations a seamless experience:

Etere Media Management
ETERE Media Management is a highly effective digital content management solution, specifically designed to streamline the process of ingest, indexing, storage and retrieval of digital assets. ETERE Media Management is a cost effective solution empowered with features including:
■ Multi-Device Connection
■ System Fault Tolerant
■ Libraries Management
■ Low-res Video Transcoding
■ Proactive Cache Management
■ Scheduling/MAM Prefetch
■ Newsroom Integration

Etere Subtitles Tool for Closed Captions
Etere Subtitles Tool empowers broadcasters to produce open and closed captioning in multi-languages, search by metadata and to streamline the workflow with real-time edits made on the video files without additional hardware. Etere Subtitles Tool is connected to Etere ETX via ETX inserter. The multi-functional tool comes equipped with Media Asset Management (MAM) to manage worldwide digital content distribution, foreign language subtitles and closed captioning capabilities. Not only that, at any stage of the workflow, users can preview from MAM directly. Live recordings, time delay, global subtitle configurations, preview capabilities and real-time alerts add to the extensive features to provide a comprehensive and effective tool that adhere to all international subtitling standards.

Founded in 1987, Etere is amongst the worldwide leaders in Media Asset Management and channel in a box software solutions for broadcasters and media companies. Etere’s unique MERP software-only solution is used by many of the world’s leading broadcasters to power their digital assets. Its modular solutions including Airsales, Ad Insertion, playout, HSM archive, TV automation and Censorship are built with an innovative architecture, offering the best flexibility and reliability in the market. Etere is headquartered in Singapore, with a dedicated 24/7 support centre in Italy.

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About Etere
Founded in 1987, Etere is amongst the worldwide leaders in Media Asset Management and channel in a box software solutions for broadcasters and media companies. Etere’s unique MERP software-only solution is used by many of the world’s leading broadcasters to power their digital assets. Its modular solutions including Airsales, Ad Insertion, playout, HSM archive, TV automation and Censorship are built with an innovative architecture, offering the best flexibility and reliability in the market. Etere is headquartered in Singapore, with a dedicated 24/7 support centre in Italy. Е-mail: