Sky Racing Project: A Centralized Media Management System

Sky Racing Project: A Centralized Media Management System

08 July 2016

Etere provides broadcasters, media companies, content providers and house productions with an integrated media management system which combines powerful servers with an easy to use user interface.

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Sky Racing is a leading Australian horse and greyhound racing television channel that broadcasts more than 60,000 races each year to millions of viewers in Australia and around the globe. Sky Racing started transmitting in September 1998, as a spin off of Sky Channel. Nowadays Sky Racing Australia has 3 channels, Sky Racing 1, Sky Racing 2 and Sky Racing World, being the latter two launched in the first quarter of 2010.

Sky Racing transmits to more than 5,000 outlets across Australia and in 18 countries around the world via satellite, cable, mobile TV and the Internet. Sky Racing provides up to 17 hours of live thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing coverage each day. In addition, in-depth form previews and reviews are telecast, as well as racing and sports betting programming. Sky Racing reaches approximately 2.2 million Australian homes with a potential reach of more than 5 million viewers.
Etere provides broadcasters, media companies, content providers and house productions with an integrated media management system which combines powerful servers with an easy to use user interface. Etere is able to closely interact with other systems present within the global solution; it allows searching, browsing, editing and delivering media files stored across the various sub-systems present in the global solution:

Sky Racing has requested the implementation of a new Broadcast System into its Sydney facilities, the proposed system will be able to integrate together new flexible HD video servers and current SD video servers as well as ensured scalability for future growth.
This paper describes Etere as a total system integrator, a solution that ensures the reliability of the global project, implementing a robust media archive system able to provide instant access to any file, at anytime, from any server, in any format and most important, with the maximum of speed, characteristics that will ensure the improvement of each single broadcasting area with a wide set of cutting edge modules that goes from content acquisition to content delivery.
Etere Solution: Overview
Etere’s proposed solution aims to implement a Centralized Media Management System able to be the core of the new Sky Racing, the central media management will be based in the distributed architecture of Etere, a key characteristic that will permit not only to tightly integrate the hardware current available in the station but also to support future devices integration. The diagram below illustrates how Etere can take control of the various operations that makes part of the entire Sky Race workflow.

Etere’s solution will permit to straightly connect the scheduled captured recordings of Etere Ingest with Etere MAM to view and cut video assets and deliver them to the proper archive via workflow. Thanks to its distributed nature, Etere count with the level of flexibility required for allowing the implementation of a mixed solution that will make of the migration from SD to HD an easier task.
Etere’s solution consist of a system intended to be the core of the central archive, providing media archive management and delivery services to the global system including instant access and delivery of media files; all this media management is cemented on a file-based workflow framework featuring a wide range of function-specific workflows for ingest, production and playout with additional integration capabilities. The modules that Etere will implement across the system are briefly described below:

■Etere Ingest, the flexible and scalable module that will perform a scheduled capturing of twenty channels distributed across five video servers
■Etere MAM, the best solution for indexing and editing a huge amount of media assets, it provides tools for an easier metadata insertion and video cut and merge
■Etere Data Mover, the enterprise workflow-based media manager that guarantees timing and effectiveness on media transfers between devices
■Etere HSM, an automatic tape-based storage system for long-term management archive

An Etere-based central media management system is able to interface existing systems while maintaining the consistence of its wide set of characteristics that makes of it the right solution for an enterprise management of digital content under a file-based workflow environment. The station will be mainly provided with the following key features:

■A patented distributed architecture to avoid any single point of failure
■Transparent media transferring, the correct media format will be always delivered
■Intelligent and customized workflow management
■Seamless integration with existing and co-existing systems
■Best flexibility on capturing SD/HD media content from multiple sources in scheduled basis
■Robust browsing features including preview, slow-motion playback, timecode navigation, scenes bookmarking, quick metadata insertion
■Support of the most common video formats including wrapped MXF containers
■Quality management to ensure the safety of archived assets over short and long terms
■Safe and fully-tracked access to the content archive
■Full integration support for NLE stations, including content uploading/downloading
■Tight integration with Newsroom systems such as ENPS
■Fast and efficient transferring connection between internal –and external- systems

An important aspect of the selected Etere solution is the wide range of functionalities which support the preservation and high-availability of media content archived and catalogued by the Etere system. The implementation of an Etere system will integrate the tape libraries that make part of the DMMS archive of the station, to store and transparently manage the long-term media archiving; moreover NLE systems will be able to access the digital archive directly and efficiently through a proper production environment, making use of the highest security standards.

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