MediaCorp: An End-to-End File Based HD Workflow 2.0

MediaCorp: An End-to-End File Based HD Workflow 2.0

08 July 2016

Etere’s proposed solution aims to implement an “Integrated end-to-end file-based HD workflow”, this solution will be based in the distributed architecture of Etere, a key characteristic that will permit not only to tightly integrate the hardware current available in the station but also to support future devices integration. The diagram below illustrates how Etere can take control of the various operations that makes part of the entire station’s workflow.

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Media Corporation of Singapore, better known as MediaCorp, is Singapore’s leading media company with the most complete range of platforms, spanning television, radio, newspapers, magazines, movies, digital and out-of-home media. At present, MediaCorp runs 7 television channels and 14 radio channels, making it the largest media broadcaster and provider in Singapore, and the only terrestrial TV broadcaster in that city-state, and has over 50 products and brands in four languages (English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil), reaching out to all adults in Singapore every week.
At present, Etere has a strong relationship with MediaCorp, based on years of management of the station channels playout by using an Etere system, a choice that has permitted MediaCorp to achieve an operative efficiency while meeting audience’s quality expectations. This time, MediaCorp is planning to move its current system into an end-to-end file-based HD broadcast workflow featuring a Media Asset Management as the core element of the system, this system will be able to digitize video content from post-production facilities and capture it from a centralized module, delivering it subsequently for single and multi-channel playout.
Etere will design an integrated media ingest, archive, management and distribution combining powerful modules with an easy to use interfaces. Etere’s solution will permit to straightly connect content captured by Etere Ingest with Etere MAM to view and catalog video assets before delivering them via workflow, in either standard definition or high definition. Etere MAM (Media Asset Management) will be the core of the overall system, providing workflow management, production project management and content management features; thus ensuring a streamlined tapeless environment able to capture, edit, catalog and deliver HD contents, fast and efficiently.

This paper describes how Etere is able to provide not only a world-acknowledged system but a hard-earned expertise on the implementation and maintenance of media asset management systems able to bring access to any file, at anytime and most important, with a the maximum of speed, characteristics that will ensure the improvement of each single broadcasting area with a wide set of cutting edge applications that goes from an accurate contents management to an automatic delivery of contents.