Etere System for Media Nusantara Citrac

08 July 2016

Media Nusantara Citra (MNC) MNC is the largest Indonesian media company, founded in 1997 and 70% owned by PT Global Mediacom TBK group. MNC’s significant content library is the largest in Indonesia comprising entertainment and news content accumulated –with an increasing rate of more than 10,000 hours per year- from in-house produced content (movies, series, realities, comedies and TV films), third-party acquired content and multi-platform generated content.

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Etere Proposal
Etere, a worldwide leader in broadcasting and media solutions, will respond through this chapter point-by-point to MNC’s request. The proposed system is mainly an integrated archive and distribution system able to manage all contents under a file-based environment, where content will be catalogued including all related metadata, thus facilitating the search and query of video contents through a comprehensive browsing application and providing the following key features:

■ A distributed architecture managed via workflow to avoid any single point of failure
■ Enterprise management of digital content under a file-based workflow environment
■ Seamless integration with existing and co-existing systems
■ Fast, safe and fully-tracked local/remote access to the content archive
■ Direct and efficient access for Editing Systems to the digital archive
■ Enterprise management and transport of media between storage devices
■ Transparent media transferring, the correct media format will be always delivered
■ Quality control to ensure the reliability of archived assets over short and long terms
■ High preservation and high availability of archived and catalogued media content
■ Browsing features including preview, slow-motion, time code, bookmarking and metadata
■ Robust editing functions including video cut, merge, overlay and restore
■ Best flexibility on digitizing media content from multiple sources
■ Full integration support for NLE systems including content uploading/downloading
■ Reliable monitoring of the modules and equipment integrated within the global system

Etere will implement a “Digital Archiving Management System” able to capture, store and transparently manage the facilities’ archived material over the long term, this system will be a distributed solution which combines rock-solid reliability and high availability with increased bandwidth and storage, allowing operators to easily search, retrieve and browse any media they want from the digital archive. The station will be mainly provided with the following key features. The features requested by the customer are following listed explaining how Etere is able to accomplish them with the maximum of reliability:

3.1 Efficient Capture/Ingest system
Etere will provided MNC with Etere Ingest (see chapter 6.1), the flexible solution for capturing content from a wide range of sources including tapeless cameras (P2, XDCAM, DVCPRO, HD Ready, etc.) and video cassettes (BetaCam, Mini DV, DVCAM, etc.) as well as satellite feeds, multi-format file-based and IP-based video streaming.

3.2 Ingest management system
As mentioned before, Etere Ingest (see chapter 6.1) is the module that will takes care of capturing content, covering any particular requirement of the entire process such as automatic and scheduled ingests, supporting also multiple parallel ingest streams managed automatically either on a single workstation or across various workstations. Etere Ingest counts with a reliable failover system which permits to manage different sets of recording resources ready to be switched in case of error or maintenance, providing also a dedicated logging module for detailed information on each single operation performed while capturing content.

3.3 Metadata
MNC will be provided with Etere MAM (see chapter 6.2), the best solution for indexing and enriching media content through a comprehensive, fast and robust environment for searching, browsing and cataloguing media with custom metadata (either user-defined or SMPTE). Etere MAM, thanks to a very intuitive interface establishes a bridge between the ingest department and the production department, allowing contents to be browsed simultaneously from various workstations thus enabling low-res proxy browsing over the network (with further import/export functions from and to other systems respectively).

3.4 Central Storage
The central storage will be managed following the basis of an enterprise video file system (i.e. ability to play major file formats, compatibility with editing systems, SD/HD conversion capabilities, etc.).
Etere Media Manager (see chapter 6.3) will guarantee – besides a workflow-based media management- also timing and effectiveness on media transfers between devices, offering high performances and availability under an expandable and scalable context.
Etere HSM (see chapter 6.4) will allow MNC to have an automatic and tape-based storage system for long-term management archiving (supporting LTO1-2-3-4-5, DLT, DTF, etc.). Etere HSM will improve the management of libraries inside the station by controlling their mechanical movements through the HSM Robotics Control and HSM Data Pump applications, which are able to run several data pumps on different machines to boost their throughput, while offering access to real-time logs, reports and statistics.
EtereWeb (see chapter 6.5), provides a secure and robust threshold to the station’s outside world, featuring a web-based interface to permit a tight integration with NLE systems and remote facilities.

3.5 Integration with Master Control (MCR) video server and automation
Etere will provide MNC with a seamless integration of all critical components with the station’s existing automation systems (Harris and Pebble Beach systems). An Etere Digital Archiving Management System will be designed to be agnostic of non-Etere playout servers, it will “simply” make all required content available at the right place, in the right time and -last but not least- in the right format thanks to the media management module Etere Media Manager (see chapter 6.3).

3.6 Open and scalable system
Due to its fully distributed architecture, Etere is able to provide an open and scalable system ready to be tightly integrated with current future new elements without changing the overall station workflow, thus making possible a smooth upgrade of MNC’s MAM system. Etere BMS (see chapter 6.6) is the right solution for distributing contents across different platforms (e.g. Digital Mobile TV, HD TV, IP TV, News media), this, due a professional rights management of licensed assets which includes the definition of purchasing contracts where a supplier gives to the station the right of transmitting copyrighted media assets (e.g.: TV series, movies, etc.) in return to an agreed payment (i.e.: prepaid or at the use) under specific conditions (e.g.: platforms, dates, etc.)

3.7 Technical Requirement
As will be explained in detail in the “Etere Architecture” section (chapter 4), Etere is a system based on a distributed architecture with no single point of failure on its core system. Etere modules can run independently (and redundantly) on different workstations interconnected via a local area network. All system configuration parameters, security roles, user data, and pre-defined rules are stored in a reliable SQL database supporting backup and redundancy operations.