Etere Tapeless Web Services

Etere Tapeless Web Services

08 July 2016

Etere Tapeless Web Service is the more efficient and secure solution developed by Etere for allowing stations to automatically and remotely receive digital content from other Non-Etere systems (e.g. production houses, commercial agencies, non-linear editors, etc.). The XML interface of the system allows remote clients to automatically upload files and metadata related to assets present in the Etere database, smartly integrating the upload procedure with the automatic triggering of workflows, before and after the upload completion.

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Etere Tapeless Web Services is a web service which allows third-party applications and systems to upload files into an Etere system. Etere Tapeless Web Services makes available -via web - a series of functions (methods) that permits to consult the asset information present in the Etere system as well as to create the assets for which media needs to be uploaded.

The communication between the server and clients is performed through the sending of an XML message by the client who requests certain information (e.g. available asset types) or directly execute a certain function (e.g. create an asset). All the functions supported by Etere Tapeless Web Services have been illustrated in the diagram below, thus indicating how to perform them sequentially and quickly.
This paper is aimed to provide complete information on the functioning of the system developed by Etere for the automatic delivery of digital content as well as on the specific functions supported by it. Moreover, a special chapter will enumerate and describe the benefits derived from the use of the web service treated in this document.