Etere's New Website and Online Marketing Initiatives

Etere's New Website and Online Marketing Initiatives

12 July 2016

Etere will be moving its focus from trade shows to the internet. Its 2017/2020 marketing include the unveiling of a brand new website, social media accounts and online advertising plans to strengthen its brand identity.

Etere is pleased to announce its multi-pronged marketing expansion plans for 2017/2020:

■A new Etere website to be launched soon. Users can expect an intuitive interface with a brand new layout that is also mobile optimized. Expect a faster and better search with re-index of information
■Social media presence: Twitter: @ETERE_pte_ltd and LinkedIn
■For the first time ever, Etere will use internet advertising with clear targets for our ROI
■Etere will shift its focus from trade shows to build a stronger web presence and brand identity. Customer behaviors have shifted in the last 4, 5 years. Qualified social network like linkedIn and Twitter have significant importance and customers spend more time searching and comparing technologies online than attend a show as a visitor
■Etere will evaluate our audiences across the different demographics to take an audience-centric approach when developing our marketing strategies
■Expansion plans into new markets

We invite you to join us on this journey of exciting developments in new territories and domains. Connect with us on our social media accounts and stay tuned for updates!

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