Etere MERP

29 July 2011

Etere MERP is a total software solution able to connect and manage the complete lifecycle of a Media/IT company

Etere MERP is a total software solution able to connect and manage the complete lifecycle of a Media/IT company. MERP stands for Media Enterprise Resources Planning, and is the core solution for the newest way to revolutionize the media/IT management structure, in synthesis, it is definitely a system ready to grow with your company.

Etere M.E.R.P. is an extension of E.R.P. - Enterprise Resources Planning- applied to Media/IT companies, it is able to connect all the activities of a multimedia company and integrates internal and external management information across an entire organization thanks to the use of ‘smooth and intelligent’ workflows, thus becoming into the most effective way to perform each business processes while providing a big advantage: the integration of all myriad processes with consequent saving of time and expenses. Etere MERP is 100% software solution able to control all the processes and costs inside the company. It integrates all company’s information and it purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all departments.

With Etere MERP, your company has now the opportunity to have only one system to manage: production facilities (newsroom, production, postproduction, playout, etc.) and administration tools (scheduling, planning, CRM and Business Intelligence.

The multimedia-related processes of Etere MERP are detailed as the following list:
■ Multimedia Resource Management
■ Media Assessment Management (MAM)
■ Media Archive
■ Programs Scheduling
■ Multimedia File Exchanging Management
■ Video-and-audio-based Business Operation
■ Resources Management & Planning
■ Sales & Customers Relationship Management
■ Commercial Accounting
■ Purchase & Production
■ Automated Playout
■ Legal Office

This system is not similar to other system which utilizes old aged methods and individual experience, but it was developed based on the new framework of Etere 21, which manages and tracks the entire workflow, embracing: financial management, supply chain and CRM, deal and contract management, work orders, production, dubbing, ingest, editing, indexing, subtitling, resource allocation, operational costs, air sales, users access rights and allowed operations for each one, digital rights, multi format and multi platform content delivery, licensing and rights management, domestic and international sales and distribution, sales and billing.

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