23 July 2018

The integrated solution for managing the license rights and contract information.

Etere Rights Management is an integrated solution, available in the Etere BMS module, for managing the license rights and contract information. Through a centralized rights management module, Etere is able to cover all broadcasting operations including contract management, program finance and distribution licensing. The license rights are centrally managed to make it possible to validate on-air programming against licensing rights for multi-channel and multi-platform broadcasting.

Etere Rights Management features include expiry dates, license forms, multi-channel rights and restrictions, license pricing as well as allowed runs, days and formats. All these features permits Etere to make available for scheduling and transmission only those contents specifically licensed for on-air purposes. Using the Rights Management application included in Etere BMS, broadcasters can maximize the commercial value of their rights whilst ensuring that licensing terms and regulatory constraints are not violated.

Right Management allows having a real-time payment tracking of licensing rights, this by storing into the Etere's Database the information regarding rights payments (concerning purchased, sub-licensed, commissioned and produced programs) once a licensing contract is created.

Key Features
■ Streamlined end-to-end accounting for accounts receivable including invoicing, credit management, aging, payments and month-end reporting
■ Central tracking and management of rights consumption and distribution for all acquired or produced content
■ Manage rights for long-form and short-form content across linear and multi-platform services
■ Real-time reporting of rights situation and flexible payment options
■ Detailed rights management system encompassing territory and media diffusion
■ Versatile amortization templates to manage program payment
■ Effective series management to facilitate a detailed diffusion of rights (including episodes generation, asset assignment and contract creation)
■ Transparent and powerful inventory management
■ Record and process any rights condition or obligation using a flexible and extensible business rules engine

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