Etere MAM for Solar TV

Etere MAM for Solar TV

08 June 2006

ETERE enjoyed the challenge to set up Solar MAM system.

Etere is an Italian company redefining the broadcast business, providing cost effective and easy to use digital integrated solutions.

Solar that already runs 7 channels with Etere Automation buys Etere MAM to integrate its archive and to digitally connect all the functions inside the TV.
Etere MAM is uses as both transmission archive to extend the videoserver memory in a more advanced transmission system and to index all the post pro footage. Etere MAM will index all the footage and offer to the post pro people the capability to use the archive via Etere MAM web interface.
New technologies:
- Etere MAM is the end-to-end software to manage both digital media assets and their delivery on multiple platforms in real time.
- MAM, ingests, handles, exchanges, indexes digital contents in all possible ways, taking care of data transmission and storage at the same time.
- The branded Etere technology of a single database to drive all the TV gives to the solar MAM a lot of features. - The startup was very easy, most of the people does not change the interface where they work today. - Only more functions are added, this allow a very fast startup time.
Some data of the system:
- 1 dual Xeon server
- One Storagetek SL500 library
- 2 LTO 3 tapes
- 5 P4 clients
- A gigabit switch

Etere President, Fabio Gattari, says:
“When a customer decided after several years to continue investing in the technology with the same brand name, this means we have done a good job. And that is more than any advertising. It’s the Etere mission to support the customers for a very long time”.

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