Media Feature: Estonian TV channels using Etere ETX

27 July 2016

Etere Company announced that the Estonian TV channels Kanal 2, Kanal 11 and Kanal 12 chose the ETX Etere video content management system for their playback systems.

Kanal 2, Estonia's first private television station in 2008 teamed up with Kanal 11 (translated into the main program for the female audience) and Kanal 12 (male-oriented). Project was implemented jointly with the local distributor, ProMedia. The network access servers and other hardware were supplied by Media Power.

Kanal 2 has acquired Etere system in 2006, allowing it to expand the possibilities of broadcasting and air planning. Etere systems are flexible, reliable, quality, operating efficiency and comes with competitive pricing.

Three years later, the company has chosen Etere again to expand Kanal2's system. Now, Etere is tasked to improve and modernize the media asset management system and infrastructure, video playback using the Etere ETX solution.

Etere ETX - modern integrated video content management system, fully based on IT-technologies. This solution is a software platform that can work with content in HD and SD. Etere ETX is easily updated to enable the use of 4K-format and IP-technology. As part of the cloud MERP system, Etere ETX has a distributed infrastructure, allowing customers to use the possibility of data storage hardware and software to create digital media content. Estonian TV channels using Etere ETX