CIB Etere ETX Supports Deltacast Video Cards

06 January 2017

Radio TV Link features an article on Etere ETX, a comprehensive channel in a box solution. For more details, please view the attachment.

Deltacast Solutions: Broadcast IP Workflows and SDI cards
Addressing new standards in a timely manner is a key element of Deltacast's strategy and objective to provide customers with seamless transition from standard to standard. With its unified VideoMasterHD SDK, Deltacast solutions equip customers with a range of solutions that are ready to address new IP Workflows and to carry out broadcast contribution feeds over IP. The official partners of Deltacast include SMPTE 2022-6, AIMS, Sony IP Live Production System and TICO.

Powered by 4K
SDI cards include support for 4k formats such as 4K30 square division, 4K30 ST 425-3 (2SI), 4K60 8-bit Square Division, 4K60 10-bit Square Division, 4K60 ST 425-5 (2SI), 4K60 RDD-35 TICO, 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI.
About Etere
Etere was established in 1987 in Italy and it is amongst the worldwide leaders in Media Asset Management (MAM) and channel-in-a-box software solutions. Etere Media Enterprise Resource Planning (MERP) framework of scalable solutions is used by media enterprises across the end-to-end workflow. Etere MERP modular software including Media Asset Management (MAM), Airsales, Ad Insertion, Playout Automation, Broadcast Management System, HSM Archive, NRCS Newsroom, Broadcast Management System, Broadcast video over IP, IP Multiviewer and Live Censorship are built with an innovative architecture, offering the best flexibility and reliability in the market. Etere is headquartered in Singapore, with a dedicated 24/7 support centre in Italy. Е-mail: