Persidera Technical Document

13 April 2017

This is a document on Etere system for Persidera.

Persidera S.p.A. born from the joint venture between Telecom Italia Media Broadcasting (TIMB) that owns 70% of the share and Rete A (Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso) that owns the remaining 30% of the shares. Persidera is the most important independent network operator in the Italian market and acts as a primary technology partner for international customers with 5 digital national MUX and a worldwide infrastructure for hosting DTT broadcasting, Playout and Multimedia services guarantying top level services, redundancy, affordability and efficiency.

In order to achieve and continuosly improve its status, Persidera has choosen Etere and its powerful, flexible, reliable and expandable MERP platform.

Etere MERP solution deployed at Persidera, includes the following modules, features and devices control:
■ Workflow Manager
■ Traffic (Air Sales & BMS) and Scheduling
■ Schedulers and planners work both internally or remotely (through terminal server connection) with Etere

Etere F90 for automatic import/export of playlists, assets metadata, AsRun, etc.
■ Media Management/Archiving
■ HiRes/Proxy and HiRes/HiRes transcoding
■ Proxy browsing Mp4 H264
■ QC (automatic with Etere CMS light and manual)
■ File-based ingest, Tapeless reception (Signant)

Etere Web interface
■ Playout main/clone
■ Advanced graphics management (DVE, audio over, bugs, itinerant, menus, MC transitions)
■ EPG management
■ Video Server: Omenon MediaPort and MTX platforms
■ MC and Graphics engines: Miranda LGK3901 & IS750
■ Hitachi 10PB NAS
■ Omenon MediaGrid