18 November 2020

Etere delivers a MAM package that is capable of managing all the requirements of a small budget TV or media company. Please view the attachment for more details on the configuration.

Etere introduces Budget MAM, an all-in-one package that provides all the software tools you need for the complete management of regional TV stations and small-scale broadcast operations. It is a no-frills package where only the essential components are retained to keep the price budget-friendly while retaining the Etere mark of renowned reliability at the same time. It comes fully equipped with all the basic functions needed to manage the end-to-end broadcast operation. It is a reliable, compact and cost-efficient solution for smaller scale operations such as single station setups. Stay connected with the team with easy access to MAM on the web which enables real-time updates from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.
Media Asset Management (MAM): MAM features user-defined workflow orchestration that simplifies content and metadata management. It allows search, store and retrieve from both web and windows GUI. MAM comes integrated with a centralised media library with real-time updates. Etereweb MAM also provides users with fast access to search and browse the media assets and metadata from anywhere as long as they are connected to the web. Users are also able to define workflow action and paths with the workflow designer tool. For automation capabilities, users have the option to upgrade to the standard package and a full refund of the Budget MAM package price will be given.
Etere DiskLibrary: Etere DiskLibrary is a highly efficient and more cost-efficient alternative to LTO and ODA libraries. Etere offers one of the best flexibility and interoperability in the market as it allows the user to use any archive enclosure instead of a dedicated type. Users are also able to mix hardware from different vendors. Etere is compatible with JBODS and MAID, thus ensuring a smaller footprint for a higher performance.
Transcoder: Etere fast transcoder creates low resolution proxy files from any source file.
Move media to an external NAS or SAN storage
It streamlines the process of ingest, indexing, storage and retrieval of all digital assets
Users are able to use any NAS or SAN storage with one volume and unlimited capacity.
Ingest: One Ingest that is capable of ingestion from SDI and/or IP.
5 Workflows: Workflows can be customised.
Up to 5 windows servers/clients
Up to 30 web clients
SQL server: Microsoft SQL server express included.
Budget MAM package cannot be changed. However, if you choose to upgrade to the standard package, a full refund of the Budget MAM package price will be given, thus lowering the cost of ownership and making it the best option for broadcasters who need an entry-level system without restricting their plans for future expansions.