TVD (Momo) Case Study

20 June 2017

This paper describes the customised Etere solution for the ingest, automation, scheduling, transcoding, proxy browsing, video playout and video logging of TVD Momo's 4 channels.

About TVD Momo
TVD (Momo) is a 24-hour TV shopping channel that sells a range of products marketed through various media such as TV home shopping, E-commerce and catalogue to viewers in Taiwan, China and Thailand. It is a joint venture between Thailand's TV Direct Public Company Limited (TVD) and Taiwan's Momo gallery. The joint-venture includes a 24-hour TV shopping channel and TVD Shop Limited with TVD holding 65% shares while Momo holds 35% shares of the company. Products are marketed through various media such as TV Home Shopping, E-commerce and Catalogue in Taiwan, China and Thailand.

The Challenge
TVD (Momo) needed a flexible and highly reliable system to manage its end-to-end process of ingest, automation, scheduling, transcoding, proxy browsing, video playout and video logging of TVD (Momo)’s 4 channels. The entire workflow should be automated and streamlined with high monitoring capabilities, empowering the broadcaster to deliver content quickly, save costs and to manage the different departments in an integrated and streamlined manner.

Etere manages the end-to-end processes of ingest, automation, scheduling, transcoding, proxy browsing, video playout and video logging of TVD (Momo)'s 4 channels. The entire workflow is automated and streamlined with high monitoring capabilities, enabling TVD (Momo) to deliver content quickly, save costs and to manage the different departments in a more integrated and streamlined manner.

The Solution
Etere proposed a complete and customised solution that streamlines the entire workflow and empower TVD (Momo) to deliver content quickly, save costs and to manage the information flow between different departments in their organisation in a more efficient and streamlined way. The solution proposed includes the following modules:

Etere Database Management
Etere Database Management is a basic module that centralises the main settings of the various modules thus allowing the administrator to configure the settings from a single interface. Additionally, Etere Database Management checks the database integrity to ensure high security. It also manages the user licence, customers/suppliers data and connects to active directory to retrieve authorization and properties. With the database management, TVD (Momo) is able to tune up their Etere system to optimize all the infrastructure performance and availability of the system. It also features Etere SNMP console for risk monitoring and control.

Etere User Rights
Etere user rights is a centralised system that manages all user profiles and connects to active directory to retrieve authorisations and properties. It can control and configure access rights to data in different ways including through user identification, using user roles, defining specific rights per TV channel or workgroups.

Etere Executive Scheduling
Etere Executive Scheduling is a strategic planning and editing software that boosts the efficiency of short and long-term playlists. It allows segmentation and preparation of the schedule grid in advance based on the planned broadcast as well as placement of programs, series, promos and commercials prior to the acquisition of content.

Etere Workflow
Etere Workflow allows TVD (Momo) to configure broadcasting rules and determine how the modules interact to perform the broadcasting process. Additionally, it serves as a visual monitoring tool of the overall process management with the integrated Etere Monitoring Console solution that allows operators to manage their assets and related operations such as transfers, checks and requests.

Etere Ingest
Etere ingest is an all-in-one software that is able to fulfil all kinds of ingest requirements including manual, scheduled and automatic ingest. It is also able to capture in real-time the SD/HD media from virtually any video source, broadcast stream, FTP and IP stream. Users are able to apply it to any required workflow, and are also able to manage automatic ingest based on scheduled operations. Users are also are to backup recorded video files on video tapes. Etere Ingest is 4K-ready and offers full IP support for both HD and SD videos.

Etere SNMP Console
Etere SNMP Console is a reliable and flexible monitoring console that provides a flexible and user-friendly browser interface to facilitate system monitoring. It is also capable of detecting and recovering potential problems automatically. With its web access console, TVD (Momo) users are able to improve operational efficiency with its automated and advanced reporting capabilities on both objects which are part of the system as well as their inter-connectivity with other devices.

Etere Proxy Browsing, Basic Transcoding and Hi-Res Player
Etere Proxy Browsing allows operators to perform ingest, edits, preview, playout and archive with a productive digital newsroom. It can be integrated into existing Etere modules, any clip can be searched, browsed, selected and even edited with all related secondary events.

Etere Hires Player provides a powerful browsing solution with all the features needed for media playback and browsing capabilities for a seamless experience. Etere Transcoder is an automated and reliable transcoder that is able to provide all major formats conversions needed in production, post-production, broadcast and distribution environments.

Etere Media Management
Etere Media Management is an effective digital content management solution that streamlines the process of ingest, indexing, storage and retrieval of digital assets. Etere Media Management features multi device connection, system fault tolerance, libraries management, low-res video transcoding, proactive cache management, scheduling/MAM prefetch and newsroom integration.

Etere Automation and Clone
Etere TV Automation is a scalable, flexible and reliable solution that is designed with a highly redundant, fault tolerant and fault resilient system with a distributed architecture that provides a high redundancy for system failures. Etere Automation offers different levels of fault tolerance for a truly powerful and reliance performance. Etere Automation's distributed architecture provides a system that can grow and change to fit all broadcaster needs. It runs on Windows and controls all the broadcast system devices.

Etere ETX
Etere ETX is a fully digital playout solution that is 4K-ready and it is a complete channel in a box with full IP in and out capabilities. It is able to drive the most popular HD/SD digital platforms without the need for hardware. Users are able to perform fast streaming of content to media servers (YouTube, Wowza and Adobe Media Server) using RTMP & RTSP protocols.

Etere Memory
Etere is an automatic video logging software that comes equipped with content tags, search functions as well as streaming capabilities. It is a cost-effective solution that is easier to manage when compared to tape maintenance. It includes HTML5 player for web browsing, as well as H264 compatibility. Users are able to play while recording and it also supports partial retrieval. Etere Memory includes Etere HSM at no additional costs. Videos can also be transcoded and uploaded to social media.

Etere Automation and Etere Memory interfaces AJA Corvid88 while Etere ETX supports Blackmagic Mini recorder.

Key Benefits
■Etere systems are fully scalable to fit in any media enterprise with fully customisable configurations that are tailored for optimized performance at every step of the workflow
■Etere systems are completely scalable to grow with any company, thus future-proofing your media systems
■Etere offers end-to-end modules that is able to manage the entire production eco-system, thus enabling greater efficiency, easy expansion and an inter-connected system with seamless integration
■Etere's distributed architecture provides high redundancy and a fault-tolerant performance across the entire enterprise system

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